Deck Of Ashes Combines Dark-Fantasy RPG Adventuring With Strategy-Based Deckbuilding
Deck of Ashes

Russian developer AyGames is working on a new game called Deck of Ashes, which is a story-oriented, role-playing adventure game set in a dark fantasy universe. The hook for the game, though, is that players will not just play through the game to unravel the story of redemption featuring a cast of outcast, it also sports a strategy-based deckbuilding mechanic for newbies and veteran players alike.

The game sees players taking on the role of a handful of vile, heartless outcasts who brought about the scourge of desolation on the Earth due to their corrupt lusts for power and destruction after attempting to acquire a powerful artifact from Lady Death.

They’re now tasked with undoing the apocalyptic damage they’ve done to the Earth, battling monstrous foes and unspeakable horrors that have been unleashed upon the Earth. It’s a tale of cleansing and redemption, horror and violence.

Since the developers are Russian, you can clearly see that the game contains no subversion from the typical SJW agenda. No forced “diversity”, no ridiculous Left-wing sociopolitical talking points, and no piss-poor desgn mechanisms built around agitprop. Instead, AyGames focused on making Deck of Ashes fun for newbie gamers and veteran deckbuilders alike. They also aren’t afraid of sexy fan-service, as evident with the barely-dressed chicks in the game, which lets you know they haven’t been co-opted by Social Justice Warriors.

According to the developers the game was inspired by Darkest Dungeon and Guild of the Dungeoneering, with Dasha Pisch from AyGames explaining…

“We have been working on this game for a very long time, trying hard to make something unique. Yes, we were inspired by Darkest Dungeon, Guild of Dungeoneering, Monster Slayers, Slay the Spire and some other great games. But, of course, our game is not just a copy of others, it is original and has its’ one-of-a-kind mechanics and other lots of interesting things.

“Just wait for the release and see that it is not just a rip.”

The game features hand-drawn art based on Russian dark fantasy designs, along with more than 100 starting cards, and a procedurally generated world.

Players will need to venture throughout the world, visiting camps and upgrading their party while equipping the right kind of cards and tactics depending on the biome you’re venturing into. Different monsters and opponents require different decks and combat strategies.

The Early Access rendition of the game will feature four story chapters to play through and 50 difrent monsters to battle, as well as dozens of camp upgrades. Additional characters, monster classes, and the story epilogue will be added throughout the development of the game leading up to the full launch in the second half of 2019.

You can look for Deck of Ashes to enter into Early Access over on the Steam store starting April 11th next month.


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