Devil May Cry 5 Ending Explained

Devil May Cry 5 Ending Explained

Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 is one of the few big studio releases for PC, PS4, and Xbox One where they tried to make the game fun, unlike  recent outings from Activision or Electronic Arts. The game takes some twists and turns, but ultimately attempts to retain the over-the-top machismo associated with the Devil May Cry franchise. For those of you interested in how the story unfolds, this article briefly covers the ending for Devil May Cry 5.

The game doesn’t actually have a linear way of telling the story, but this article will cover the timeline of events in chronological order.

So it starts with Vergil, whose body is decaying after losing to Dante in their previous battles. Vergil attempts to regain power and in order to do so he needs the Yamato. He tracks down Nero and shockingly rips off Nero’s Devil Trigger arm. Vergil then transforms Nero’s arm back into the Yamato.

Vergil uses the Yamato to split himself into two, one form being his sympathetic human form known as ‘V’, a poetry-reading goth, and his true devil form known as Urizen, a powerful demon king.

Urizen has no other purpose than to do whatever is necessary to gain power, he does this by opening up a portal to the underworld and brings the tree-like Qliphoth into the human realm, where he begins using it to collect the of humans to metathesizes a blood fruit that harnesses true demonic power.

Given that ‘V’ carries Vergil’s human emotions, he’s stricken with empathy and remorse, and seeks out Morrison to hire Dante, Lady, and Trish for a job.

‘V’ wants them to defeat Urizen so that he can rejoin with him, but the trio are easily defeated and Dante is incapacitated by Urizen, knocked unconscious for a month.

Both Lady and Trish are captured by Urizen’s tentacles and incubated into demon vessels that help power Urizen further.

Devil May Cry 5 - Lady Bukkake

‘V’ attempted to get Nero to fight Urizen, but he’s no match for the demon king and is also easily defeated, especially since he’s missing his arm.

The Qliphoth continues to grow strong, and expand, siphoning the blood of the citizens and harnessing their power for Urizen.

Nero, meanwhile, is traveling around the city fighting off the demons who have emerged. He’s also using a makeshift prototype prosthetic designed by a mechanical engineer named Nico, who fashions powerful, demonic accessories for Nero.

‘V’ ends up meeting up with Nero again and the duo attempt to make their way back into the Qliphoth in order to rescue Dante, Lady, and Trish.

Devil May Cry 5 - Lady's Butt

Nero and Nico manage to rescue Lady first, who was cocooned inside of one of Urizen’s demon lieutenants.

‘V’ ventures off to recover the demon sword Sparda, where he also stumbles upon Dante, who was unconscious after being incapacitated by Urizen a month earlier.

After ‘V’ recovers Dante and Sparda, the white-haired demon warrior uses the Rebellion to evolve his Sin Devil Trigger, which allows him to absorb Sparda and become a far more powerful demon to fight Urizen.

Dante manages to dispatch another one of Urizen’s lieutenants and frees a naked Trish from inside the carapace. While Dante goes off to fight Urizen again, ‘V’ explains to Trish that he’s one and the same with Vergil and Urizen, and that the decay that was destroying Vergil is also destroying him.

Devil May Cry 5 - Trish's Butt

Urizen uses the Qliphoth to develop a fruit of blood to reach his maximum power. Urizen manages to consume the fruit before Dante can stop him. But even with the blood power, Dante is still able to defeat Urizen in battle using the Sin Devil Trigger ability.

Nero helps a decaying ‘V’ to reach Dante and Urizen’s location, where ‘V’ finally reunites with Urizen and turns into a fully restored Vergil.

Dante reveals to Nero that Vergil is Nero’s father, which is why Vergil had to take Nero’s Devil Trigger arm to rebuild the dimension-tearing sword, Yamato.

Vergil leaves Dante and Nero to ascend the Qliphoth and awaits Dante, hoping that Dante gets stronger so that they can have one final duel at full strength.

Devil May Cry 5 - Smile For The Fates

The discarded remnants of Nelo Angelo, the animals that ‘V’ used to fight other demons, attack Dante since Vegil abandoned them after he had no longer had a use for them. However, Dante dispatches them rather easily.

Lady, Nico, and Trish attempt to escape from the Qliphoth along with Nero, but during the escape leaves them and goes after Dante and Vergil to prevent them from killing each other.

Devil May Cry 5 - Not Lady's Butt

Before the showdown, Nero seeks solace from his longtime love interest, Kyrie. He calls her from a dilapidated pay phone, and expresses his intent to her. He also regrets not being strong enough to save his mentor, Credo, and promises to stop Dante and Vergil without killing them.

In his rage, Nero regrows his arm while transforming into a powerful demon where he breaks up the fight between Dante and Vergil at the very top of the Qliphoth.

Devil May Cry 5 - Nero's Transformation

Perturbed at the interruption, Vergil challenges Nero to a fight, but is readily defeated by a powered up Nero. After defeating Vergil, Nero wants to end the sibling violence between his uncle and his father, and wants to destroy the Qliphoth. Both Dante and Vergil agree, but decide to destroy the Qliphoth at the roots down in the underworld, but they prevent Nero from joining them, since it’s a one way trip that will require the power of the Yamato to make the trip into the underworld to cut down the Qliphoth.

Reluctantly Nero leaves the Qliphoth and rejoins with Nico, where the duo continue to fight the remaining demons throughout the city where the credits begin to roll.

In a post credit scene we see the Qliphoth fall while Dante and Vergil resume their fight in the underworld.

Devil May Cry 5 - Lady and trish

Morrison shows up at the Devil May Cry office where Trish and Lady are eating pizza. He offers them another job to pay the bills. Just as they accept the job the lights are shut off since they hadn’t paid the bills.

The game finally ends with Dante and Vergil in the underworld fighting each other until they’re interrupted by a horde of demons. The two end up having to work together to fight off the demon hordes. Dante fires off a few rounds toward the screen while the game ends with him saying “Jackpot!”

Devil May Cry 5 - Epilogue

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