Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay Walkthrough
Devil May Cry 5

Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC has been a long awaited release by fans of the series. The last outing was from Ninja Theory called DmC: Devil May Cry and it wasn’t well-received by the series’ dedicated fanbase at all. Capcom decided to bring the series back to its roots with a Japanese developer in the lead and a focus on the fast-paced fighting and action that made the series famous.

For gamers interested in the latest entry in the third-person hack and slash series, there’s a gameplay walkthrough series available covering the game from start to finish by YouTuber CGInfernoBlast.

There’s an alternative playthrough available from start to finish available from YouTuber Zanar Aesthetics, which you can check out below. The game clocks in at just under 10 hours in length.

Devil May Cry 5 Controls: How To Play

The game starts with a cinematic, quite naturally.

Dante is inside of a giant demon nest, fighting against the forces controlled by a demon lorde that took Nero’s right arm.

You can attack using melee weapons by tapping Triangle on the DualShock 4 or ‘Y’ on the Xbox Controller. Ranged weapons can be used by tapping the left bumper.

Press ‘X’ to jump, and you can tap it near a wall to leap up the wall.

Tap the right bumper to lock onto enemies, and you can use a charged lock by pressing the right bumper and clicking in the right thumbstick.

To perform aerial launches, press R1 and hold back on the left thumbstick, and then tap Triangle on the DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller to launch enemies into the air.

You can perform air juggles by tapping the melee button after successfully performing a launch.

Follow the linear pathway and defeat the enemies along the way until you get to the boss.

Once the short cinematic finishes up, use the pistols to attack the floating crystal entity.

You’ll have to dodge the attacks, but it’s pretty pointless since Nero ends up losing anyway.

Basically the boss fight is to help get you acquainted with the dodge mechanics.

Another cinematic will play where players are introduced to the arms crafter, Nico.

The first mission takes place a month after Nero lost to Urizen, the Demon King that took his arm.

A sick intro cinematic will play giving gamers an idea of just how much of a badass Nero is, even though he lost pretty bad during the opening fight against the boss.

Devil May Cry 5 - Devil Trigger

Devil Breaker

During the extended tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Nero’s Devil Breaker ability. This is performed using the Circle button on the DualShock 4 or the ‘B’ button on the Xbox One controller.

Keep note that if you take damage while you’re using the Devil Breaker, it will destroy Nero’s Devil Breaker. Additionally, you can charge up the attacks by holding down Circle on the DualShock or ‘B’ on the Xbox controller to unleash a powerful and devastating attack, but it will completely destroy the Devil Breaker you have equipped, so use it wisely.

You can also use the right bumper plus the Devil Breaker button to hook enemies. Use the Square button on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to sever the grapple.

Make your way up the destroyed bridge, and take out the tentacles along the way.

You can also rev up your sword for more damage using the right trigger.

Qliphoth Roots

The first boss is a giant tentacle demon octopus. It will use its two main tentacles to swipe at you from the ground level, but you can easily jump over them.

The boss isn’t too difficult to defeat. You’ll do the most damage by performing air combos.

You can modify your equipment, your abilities, items, and Devil Breakers in between missions if you have enough resources.

Once you get done you’ll need to make your way through the Red Grave city streets in order to meet up with ‘V’.

As a reminder, the style counter will determine how much the music plays. As you move up the ranks during battle, the full theme song will play once you get to the ‘SSS’ rank.

Take out the demon insects in the intersection. There are some red orbs you can gather on top of the raised obstruction, along with a few more demons for you to fight. You don’t have to go that way, but if you want the orbs they’re there for you to gather.

Head back over the obstruction and proceed down the intersection until you reach a gate that leads toward a statue within a cul-de-sac at the Chiaro Hotel.

Devil May Cry 5 - Chiaro Hotel

Once you take out the demons head into the hotel and follow the hallways up the stairs and through the rooms. If you get lost throughout the hotel, just press in the left thumbstick to see your objective and get directed to your quest. You’ll basically need to head upstairs.

Head through the rooms until you reach a carapace with a nidhogg. Take it and apply the nidhogg to the tentacle blocking the path through the hallway. This will open up the path for you and give you an opportunity to complete the secret mission.

The secret mission can be accessed by lining up the symbol on the wall until it glows. You’ll then be tasked with killing a bunch of demons in the hotel’s courtyard.

Devil May Cry 5 - Lady Bukkake

After you complete the secret mission head out of the room and into the hallway to your right. Go straight through the door into the dining area.

Clear out the enemies in the room and exit through the balcony, which will take you down to street level.

Proceed down the street and into the back alley. There’s another carapace with a nidhogg in it.

You’ll have to fight two mini-bosses and then put the nidhogg in the tentacle to lower the blockade. Head to the phone to trigger another cinematic where Nico will show up so you can upgrade your gear or swap your gear.

Take this opportunity to replenish your Devil Breakers and supplies because your next encounter will be against the boss, Goliath.

He fights like a berserker. You’ll do your best damage output by rip-chording up to his head and using aerial attacks and then circling around to his back when he goes to swipe at you.

Rinse and repeat until you kill him.

Mission 3: Flying Hunter

The next At the start of the mission you’ll need to use the grappling hook by standing on the pad and using R1 and Square to zip across to the other side.

After a short interlude, make your way across the rooftops. On the left side of the building there’s a grapple pad you can stand on to zip across to the next building.

Use the grapple pad to get across to the next building and then use the pad on the bottom left corner of the building to get to the next area.

Now if you’re not sure where to go, the main objective is to get closer toward the tunnel by the waterfall.

Make your way inside and proceed through the tunnels. There’s no on-screen navpoint to guide you, but basically you’ll need to follow the roots. Cut through the demon blood clots to wither the roots away and open up new paths.

Devil May Cry 5 - Lady's Butt

Once you clear out all the baddies proceed through the maintenance access into the next area and take out more of the clots.

Make your way into the stairwell and there you’ll have to fight against the next mini-boss, Death Scissors.

You’ll need to fight the mini-boss inside the library. Your basic attacks won’t work since she’ll block everything with the scissors. You’ll have to basically aim for the unprotected parts and then string together your combos. A good way of doing this is using the pistols on her head and then air-dodging to get around behind her in order to start the combo chain so you can start doing massive damage. Death Scissors isn’t all that hard but can be tricky trying to figure out how to deal damage.

The next boss is Artemis, a fairly disturbing looking boss.

The boss will use a lot of projectile attacks toward you, including static beams and homing projectils. When the beams are firing, get in close and begin to do damage. Alternatively, be sure to target and destroy the flying entities that create the vortexes and laser missiles so you can avoid being damaged while trying to fight Artemis.

Maintain your attacks and keep up the pressure until Artemis dies.

Once the boss is defeated it’s revealed that it was using a buck naked Lady as its host, covered in ooze.

Nero rescues her from the pod and takes her back to Nico, while ‘V’ takes over in his own mission.


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