Devil May Cry 5 On PS4 In West Censors Trish’s Butt With Mysterious Light
Devil May Cry 5 Censorship

[Update 4/1/2019:] In patch 1.07 for the Bloody Palace update, Capcom removed the censorship of Trish’s butt in the NTSC version of the game. It’s apparently still censored in PAL regions.

[Original article:] The mysterious light has struck again. The PS4 censorship regulation policies seem to have seeped into the Western release of Devil May Cry 5 on Sony’s system, with the character Trish having her bare bottom covered up with some mysterious lights.

Twinfinite captured screenshots from various versions of Devil May Cry 5 for a scene that takes place halfway through the game in an imgur album.

Obvious Spoilers Are Ahead

So Trish gets captured at the beginning of the game and Dante rescues her at the halfway mark, and in doing so she’s got no clothes on. If you want to see the scene, Zanar Aesthetics has the uncensored version of the scene captured.

On the PS4 version of the game some users are reporting that after the 1.1 update there’s a bright violet light from Dante’s motorcycle that mysteriously stretches across the screen and censors out Trish’s buttcrack.

You can see the NSFW image below comparing the PS4 version to the Xbox One version.

Here is the PS4 version:

Here is the Xbox One version:

Now the article points out that the Japanese version of the game on the PS4 has apparently not been censored, yet.

According to the streams that are playing the game, the PS4 version in Japan is the same as the PC and Xbox One versions of Devil May Cry 5, and there are no mysterious lights.

Here is the PS4 Japanese version:

And here is the PC version of the game:

This isn’t the only censored scene in the game, though.

There’s another scene where after Nero rescues Lady, she’s inside the van and is asked by Nico to help dig a hole. Lady stands up and asks if there are any clothes for her to wear. In doing so her blanket drops and her bare butt is exposed. However, in every version of the game another mysterious light appears to cover her buttcrack, as you can see below.

Devil May Cry 5 - Lady's Butt

Some gamers are wondering if the mysterious light was intentional or added as a safety precaution to censor the game and comply with Sony’s censorship policies. The mysterious lights are not a unique precedent in Devil May Cry 5. These lights have appeared in other games affected by Sony’s censorship policies, such as Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat as well as Yuragi sou no Yuuna-san, among other titles.

Obviously this all looks especially silly given that Devil May Cry 5 is rated ‘M’ for Mature, and features strong language and plenty of gore and violence, yet there’s unnecessary censorship for brief scenes in a game for people 17 years of age or older.

At least PC gamers will have mods to not only remove any of the bright lights but they’ll likely add some additional sugar and spice to the game that will surely elevate the rich nature of Boner Culture.

(Thanks for the news tip zac za and Alex Valiente)


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