Devil May Cry 5 Teases Vergil While Putting The Heroes In Plenty Of Peril
Devil May Cry 5

Capcom dropped the final promotional trailer for Devil May Cry 5 ahead of its release on March 8th at the end of the week. The trailer is plainly called the “Official Final Trailer”.

The near three minute piece starts with the van driving down a giant anomaly with Nero trying to jump into the van while the structure expands. There is a collection of cinematics and gameplay, featuring the three protagonists and a hint at Vergil making an apperance.

The trailer is a lot more somber than you might have been expecting, given that it seems to put the heroes in some serious peril throughout the clips.

We don’t get any actual coherent story elements, just small bits and pieces of segments and situations where the ground is ripping apart, walls are caving in, ceilings are falling, and the world is being shifted asunder.

There is a look at one of the demon bosses that intimidates Nero throughout the trailer, along with a few other villains that players will face off against. We get a small hint at who severed Nero’s arm, and we see that one of the characters, V, is on the verge of dying.

It doesn’t look good for the trio, but I suspect they designed the trailer this way to get players interested in finding out what happens and wanting to fight through the demon hordes in order to save the world.

It’s a complete toss-up how well this game will do, and whether or not it’ll be well-received among core fans. There has been some controversies over how the faces turned out in the game, as well as the aesthetic of the overall character designs, but if the story and gameplay can compensate for that then they might be able to pull it off with the fans.

You can look for Devil May Cry 5 to drop on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC starting March 8th at the end of the week.


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