Disney Cosplay Group Will Ban Users For Darkening/Altering Skin Tone Because It’s Offensive
Darkskinned Cosplay

This is kind of a wee bit outside the standard video game news, but a Disney Facebook group for cosplayers has been sending out notices to some of its members to ensure that they abide by the rules. One such rule is that you cannot alter or darken your skin tone for a costume, lest you be banned for what they consider to be “blackface”.

The notice was originally sent out back on December 31st, 2018, when the rules were put into place. When a member recently joined, however, they received the notice from moderator Sami Foreman, who posted the following.

If you’re unable to read the policy note, it states…

“We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to black/brownface in cosplay. If we suspect that you’re altering your skin color for a costume and we check your page to see you don’t actually have that skin tone, you will be removed from the group without warning.

“I don’t care what is acceptable where you’re from. This is a North American based group and it’s considered offensive and disrespectful here. Do NOT post it in this group.”

There’s an additional notice over on the actual Facebok group page, where it reiterates a similar message.

Most of the rules are fairly milquetoast, but the blackface restriction is rather standout.

So just to wrap this up: You can cosplay as Pocahontas, but if you’re really pale and you attempt to get a tan or apply bronzer to make yourself look more like the character, you could be banned from the group. You could attempt to cosplay as Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, but if you dare try to match her skin tone… you’re outta there.

I imagine this could definitely hamper who gets to join the group and what they get to cosplay as, especially since the group administrators and moderators will be pilfering through past photos of cosplayers once they join the group, like racoons through trash.

(Thanks for the news tip Noriyuki Works)

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