Do You Have Akira Points? R18+ English Version Arrives On DLSite
Do you have Akira points

The English release of Golden Fever RPG’s Do You Have Akira Points? has launched on DLSite for $12.60. The game is a slice-of-life dating simulator based around two childhood friends who reunite in adulthood and become cohabitants while journeying through the hardships of work life and school.

Players take on the role of Daiki, a young man who was childhood friends with a girl named Akira. After separating for many years the two reunite one serendipitous afternoon when Akira shows up on his doorstep and proceeds to move in with Daiki.

The two help each other out as Akira is looking to finish off school before pursuing a career full-time. She offers Daiki what’s called “Akira Points”, where the more he helps her out, the more points he racks up. You can see what the gameplay is like with the NSFW trailer below.

As you can see, Do You Have Akira Points? mixes in visual novel-style interactions with retro 16-bit sprite exploration, and a bevy of mini-games to engage in while you attempt to build a close knit relationship with Akira.

Through the thick and thin of life, Akira and Daiki begin to develop a more intimate relationship with their cohabitation, and this includes Akira allowing Daiki to cash in his “Akira Points”. It starts with titillation and teasing, such as undressing in front of Daiki or giving him upskirt shots. But then eventually Akira begins to escalate the interactions, taking things further and becoming more lascivious in her interactions with Daiki.

Do you Have Akira Points English Version

In addition to the dating sim and visual novel slice-of-life aspects, there’s also a cosplay scenario where you can dress up Akira in different outfits, including a sailor uniform, a nurse outfit, a bunny girl, suit or as a maid. Different H-scenes will play out different depending on the outfit she’s wearing, and the game features 37 base CG sequences with more than 240 different H-scene variations.

Golden Fever RPG designed the game in the RPG Tkool MV suite, so it supports a base resolution of only 912×624, but you can use mouse, keyboard, or gamepad controls to navigate and interact.

You can pick up a digital copy of Do You Have Akira Points? from over on the DLSite store page.


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