DOOM: Annihilation Movie Trailer Gets Woke With Some Girl Power
Doom Annihilation

DOOM: Woke Edition – oops, I mean DOOM: Annihilation is the upcoming flick based on the game series that we wrote about last year. The film received its first trailer and it’s not impressive at all.

In fact, the trailer is already being downvoted and criticized to the very inner circles of hell. Why? Because the film looks like crap, and that’s the nice way of putting it.

A more accurate description is that it looks like a Syfy producer got done snorting cocaine after having a threesome with some West Hollywood “sisters” that swing schlongs between their skirts, and then decided to bring in a director whose skills are about halfway above a typical Christian propaganda flick, and then borrow some costumes from a rejected student film made by mentally challenged John Carpenter fanatics.

The entire thing is a farce, and what’s worse is that the plot is identical to the 2005 film starring The Rock and Karl Urban, which was based on the OG Xbox and PC version of DOOM 3. Basically a group of soldiers are sent to investigate a research facility on the moon only to discover that a gateway to hell has been opened and bunch of demonic monsters and zombies have come spilling out. You can check out the piss-poor trailer for DOOM: Annihilation below courtesy of We Got This Covered.

Everything about the trailer is just an epic fail, and fans made that clear by downvoting it into the ground.

It starts by saying “Wanted: Doomslayers”, referring to the iconic Doom Guy from the 2016 iteration of DOOM.

Only, the lead slayer in the film isn’t the Doom Guy… it’s a woman.

Doom Annihilation - BFG

It’s not just that she’s the lead, it’s that she looks completely ill-suited for the role.

She’s too small, too frail, and doesn’t seem to command much presence on the screen. That’s not to mention that the guns look way too big for her.

Fans were not at all pleased with the results, and the comment section made it very well known.

Surely you can expect some SJW-enabling Centrists™ to run to the defense of the film, saying things like:
1 – “It’s just a trailer, maybe the full movie isn’t that bad!”
2 – “You can’t judge a film based on a 30 second teaser!”
3 – “Just because they replaced Doom Guy with a girl doesn’t mean they’re woke!”
4 – “There’s no SJW agenda, they just decided to take the franchise in a different direction!”

It’s almost as bad as the censorship bingo card. But expect the typical SJW defense force to come out to run damage control for Universal Pictures’ fetid looking flick

The main issue is that there doesn’t appear to be any redeeming qualities about the film. We know that they were filming in Bulgaria back in April of 2018. It was revealed that Amy Mason and Nina Bergman would be the two main leads.

The news instantly made the rounds with a lot of negative responses because everyone was wondering about the Doom Guy? When Mason made some social media posts that she would be replacing the Doom Guy, a bunch of fans got angry and said they weren’t going to see it. This resulted in the MAGFest director, Nicholas Marinelli, playing white knight and running to Manson’s defense like a John waiting outside a women’s sex addiction clinic instead of paying for a good time at a whorehouse.

Marinelli proceeded to denigrate gamers, calling them the “worst people on the planet”.

If more people cared about MAGFest he would have been ratio’d pretty hard, but instead he just kind of ended up with a decent amount of drive-by snark.

But we knew the movie was going to be pretty bad because the film was promoting its “diverse” cast leading up to release, and we all know what that means.

Now that the teaser trailer is here we can safely see just how much of a departure this movie is from the game. Funnily enough id Software washed their hands of the project via a simple tweet.

But the brand itself being attached to one of Hollywood’s woke movie productions doesn’t bode well for DOOM in general, as some people might assume that there’s tacit endorsement of Universal’s low-budget action-horror flick. Nevertheless, I can definitely see this film ending up on our Get Woke; Go Broke Master List.

Hopefully DOOM: Eternal will maintain its current anti-SJW aura and prove to be the much-needed breath of fresh air from all of the SJW-driven agenda pushing we’ve been seeing in the entertainment industry.

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