Dragon Ball Super Voice Actors Pull Out Of Kameha Con After Vic Mignogna Gets Re-Invited
Dragon Ball Super

Various voice actors involved in the anime scene and specifically Funimation’s Dragon Ball Super movie have pulled out of the Kameha Con after the convention organizers re-invited voice actor Vic Mignogna to the event on March 22nd, 2019.

The first to pull out was Monica Rial, the voice actress for Bulma in Dragon Ball. This happened shortly after Kameha Con made the announcement on March 22nd, 2019.

Daman Mills, the voice actor for Frieza in Dragon Ball Super also pulled out, posting a tweet on March 24th, 2019 claiming that he had pulled out after giving it a lot of thought following Kameha Con re-inviting Mignogna following the revelation that a lot of the allegations and accusations against Mignogna either held no weight or were fabricated.

Also on March 24th, 2019, Jason Douglas, the voice actor for Beerus in Dragon Ball Super also pulled out of the event, apologizing to fans.

Joining his co-stars in their cancellation was Josh Grelle, who pulled out of his Kameha Con appearance on on the eve of March 25th, 2019, making a very simple note on his Twitter page that read…

On March 23rd, 2019 the moderator for Reddit’s Dragon Ball Z and the Kanzenshuu Wiki administrator, Terez, also cancelled his panel in light of Vic Mignogna being re-invited to Kameha Con.

Terez also had an extremely long diatribe rolled out against Mignogna, the relevant section is quoted below, which reads…

“Conventions with sensible harassment policies would never invite a guest with a well-documented history of sexual harassment AT CONVENTIONS in the first place. Not in 2018 when Vic stories were already well known, and especially not in 2019. No matter how important/popular he is.


“I don’t want to hear excuses about what this or that VA said to convince the con to kick Vic. They kicked him, and that was their responsibility at the time they did it. The guests are not convention employees & it’s not their job to do due diligence on behalf of the convention. And whatever you think about Vic’s guilt or innocence, we should all be able to agree that the convention had a responsibility be honest with their guests and volunteers and attendees about what they were signing up for. Aside from safety concerns, many now have ethical dilemmas.


“As someone who has been going to JordanCon for a decade, I’ve always wished for a niche DB con because I know niche cons can work well, but this isn’t how you do it. And for people who like dubbed anime, Vic is a foul hill to die on. There’s a reason none of his peers defend him.”

A few other panel cancellations also took place, likely leaving the guest list kind of thin. However, it goes to show that many of the actors are willing to side with news stories published on Left-wing media outlets based on flimsy and spurious accusations, or in some cases provably false hoaxes in order to spite Vic Mignogna, which says more about them than any of the claims made against Vic.

In fact, it was recently discovered that there was a Facebook group of Kick Vic people conspiring to harass people who supported Mignogna. One such individual was Dominique Skye, who condemned Kameha Con in public about the harassment they allegedly directed toward Dragon Ball voice actors Christopher Sabat and Monica Rial.

In private, though, Skye joined with others to “cancel” another cosplayer named Karen. They hunted down her Instagram and Facebook pages and opted to make a “nice big call out post”. The screen captures from the private Facebook post were shared on Twitter by user Ghostshell on March 24th, 2019.

Nevertheless, Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta is continuing to help Mignogna crowdsource funds for his lawsuit. The Gofundme campaign has been expanded to $200,000 after surpassing the initial $100,000 goal.

In the meantime Mignogna will still attempt to attend conventions, including showing up at the Kameha Con scheduled to take place between April 12th and April 14th next month.

For more information on attending Kameha Con, feel free to visit the official website.

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