Dragonpunk Dev Warns Gamers About AAA Studios’ Politically-Themed Hiring Practices

There’s a contingent of people who believe that there is no such thing as Social Justice Warriors; that the gaming industry isn’t controlled by an ideologically-driven cabal; that big AAA studios aren’t drinking Left-wing propaganda juice. Well, an anecdote from the Dragonpunk crew outlined an experience where Gearbox Software tried to corner them during an interview with politically-themed questions, which didn’t end in their favor.

The story was posted up over on the official Dragonpunk Twitter account on March 3rd, 2019, where they shared the interview rejection letter from Gearbox Software. You can check it out below.

The letter doesn’t mention anything about politics, but it does explain that they were rejected from taking on a position as a production coordinator. If you’re unable to read the image, it states…

“Thank you for your interest in Gearbox Software and for taking the time to chat with us about the Production Coordinator position.


“While your skills are certainly impressive, we have decided to pursue other candidates for this position.


“We will maintain your records and should a position open that matches your qualifications, we will contact you. We also encourage you to visit our website as new positions become available.


“We appreciate your interest in our company and wish you success in your career search.”

For a little bit of reference, the Dragonpunk developers have created some total conversion mods for games like ARK: Survival Evolved that gained them a notable following. So just to be clear, they aren’t indie devs working on 8-bit pixelated hipster games.

Some people instantly questioned if Gearbox was engaging in illegal behavior by preventing people from talking about the politics during the interview process, but the Dragonpunk developers chimed in to mention that the influence and pressure isn’t that straightforward in the gaming industry.

While the letter that was shared online didn’t talk about the politics that’s mentioned in the tweet, a few people did ask about the questions and how they were oriented and what they were like and how did the Dragonpunk developer respond. In a follow-up tweet it was mentioned that they took a mostly “Centrist” approach to the questions, but apparently that wasn’t committed enough for Gearbox, because apparently they didn’t feel they were on the right side of history.

We’ve seen this kind of mentality echoed throughout various studios, including BioWare and DICE, with games like Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Rising or Battlefield V. Other studios like Riot Games have also adopted this kind of mentality, along with Ubisoft, who recently opened up a Diversity & Inclusion division, and Hangar 13 Studios who joined Facebook’s social engineering program called “Women In Gaming”, claiming that their next project will be based around their efforts to become an “activist studio” focused on diversity.

Harebrained Schemes also got called out for injecting Leftist politics into Battletech, and then later claimed that they would be sifting through the social media accounts of applicants to see what sort of politics they post on their social media feed, which would determine whether or not they would get hired, as archived by Gamergate.tendolizer.

This is all despite the fact that one of the designers at Harebrained Schemes had to resign amid sexual misconduct allegations.

Even outside of games, this trend very readily exists. Tech companies like Twitter admitted to filtering certain kinds of Conservative content during leaked undercover footage, while social media services like Facebook were caught filtering Conservative topics out of the trend. Heck, even Google fired James Damore for not being a Social Justice Warrior, and during the lawsuit against them the documents revealed that anyone who didn’t align with the Social Justice Warrior mindset was harassed by other employees.

What’s interesting is that one person mentioned that politics were ruining the gaming industry, which is actually a sentiment that was shared recently by YouTuber The Act Man, who said that developers need to stop with the injecting of unnecessary politics into video games to hoist the Social Justice Warrior agenda on everyone like some kind of bludgeoning hammer in which to force people under their ideological hegemony.

Given that there were still a lot of vagaries centered around the statements made by the Dragonpunk developer, I decided to reach out to Gearbox Software to ask them about the questions during the interview. If they choose to respond the article will be updated to reflect their response.

(Thanks for the news tip Tomato Tentacle)


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