Editorial: A Trip Down Memory Lane With Hi-Rez’s Censorship Of Nox’s Taunt In Smite

Smite Censorship

Smite has evolved to be one of the best looking MOBA games to date, thanks to utilizing the stable and competent Unreal Engine 3, having a downloadable high-resolution texture pack and featuring a slew of diverse, well-made character skins that include all kinds of animations like taunts.

One of the characters, mage goddess Nox, had since her release a short usable taunt whereupon she did a dance animation that included her seductively jiggling her (ample) breasts– the fans coined it the “mega milk taunt”. The taunt was in fact so short that, unless spammed, could barely be perceived by any reasonable person as provocative.

Back in 2016, the unreasonable minority of the fanbase, though, managed to persuade Hi-Rez after complaining for years (as usual, through Reddit) to modify the taunt to be more modest; there is now no more jiggle. Some of the thinly-veiled attempts to change her animation claimed that it was too “hentai-looking”, others that it did not suit her.

This decision on Hi-Rez’s part to censor such an innocent part of their rated T for Teen game propped up multiple, heavily moderated discussions on Reddit. An actual change.org petition was launched that ended up gathering over 2,000 signatures, which was, naturally, ineffective.

The game still features taunts that include male gods Apollo pointing at his crotch and Thor furiously humping his hammer- double standards abound. Considering that Hi-Rez, until recently, also employed a child predator (who liked to complain about games being sexist) as their community specialist of all things, one wonders for how long they intend to keep listening and caving to the clearly and historically wrong crowd.

This is a common practice within these circles: listen to a small but vocal minority of naysayers and then bend the knee. It’s become a rather annoying issue all while the people doing the complaining turn out to be unsavory in one way or another.

It’s a shame that Smite had to suffer at the hands of the pro-censorship crowd.

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