Escapist Magazine Apologizes To The Quartering For Calumny Used In Apex Legends Editorial

Apex Legends

The Escapist Magazine issued an apology to YouTuber Jeremy Hambly, also known as The Quartering, for incendiary calumny in an article published on February 27th, 2019 that was aimed at the YouTuber because he criticized Respawn Entertainment and EA’s Apex Legends agenda.

The apology was issued by the Escapist Twitter account on March 4th, 2019.

The apology was quickly accepted by Hambly, who posted up an acknowledgment of the tweet over on his own Twitter account.

The Escapist also removed the article from over on the website, replacing it with a note from the editor on March 4th, 2019, which states…

“Escapist Magazine is committed to covering all aspects of gaming, which includes sharing compelling personal narratives and exploring how changes in the medium are received by the community.


“This article contained language that was needlessly incendiary. As such, we have redacted the editorial in its entirety.


“Furthermore, we would like to offer a formal apology to Mr. Jeremy Hambly (TheQuartering). We do not believe you are anti-gay and are very sorry for all inconveniences this story has caused.”

There are two things to this.

First of all, it’s good that The Escapist apologized and issued an editor’s note, especially since the article spearheaded online activism to get Hambly’s sponsor pulled. Acknowledging that the editorial attacking YouTubers for not praising the LGBTQIA agenda in video games like Apex Legends fits into the dangerous category that most people expect from Left-wing websites that use activism-journalism to attack, demonetize, and deplatform their ideological opposition. That’s exactly what happened in this case.

However, while it’s good that the apology was issued an an editor’s note was posted up, it’s not good that the entire article itself was replaced. It should have been archived or edited or modified in a way so that the original piece was still available without going through the web archive to access it, just so people know what it was and how bad it was, and where it went wrong. There was an archive of the article with the apology and the original editorial, but it, too, was later changed.

Memory-holing the piece isn’t really a lesson-learned moment, because many people will forget that it even happened, and it will no longer be documented on the search engines.

It’s also interesting because the piece was very blatantly framed from the sociopolitical view point of a Left-wing “Progressive”, utilizing the platform to denounce people who don’t agree with Apex Legends’ Liberal politics. It’s the very definition of a political thinkpiece that was supposed to be “left at the door”, according to then editor-in-chief Russ Pitts.

Either way, it’s pretty evident what The Escapist’s politics actually are, but to their credit at least they amended the calumny and apologized for the remarks. It’s one of the few times where #GamerGate’s plea for better ethics in journalism came to proper fruition.

(Thanks for the news tip Blaugast)

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