Fight Angel Is The Boob-Jiggling Fighting Game Dead Or Alive Fans Have Been Thirsting For

Fight Angel

Chinese development outfit, Red Fox Studio, has an unabashed, unashamed, uninhibited fighting game called Fight Angel that’s in the works. It’s a full-on fan-service title where the developer had no qualms delivering on the kind of big-boobed, jiggly-titty fighting action that gamers expected from Dead or Alive 6.

The indie fighting title is scheduled to enter into Early Access soon, featuring a roster composed only of female fighters, and the ability to fully customize the fighters from head to toe. And by customize, I mean every single aspect of their body, not unlike Illusion’s Honey Select. This means you can fully detail the character’s chest size, the chest width, the chest height, how separated or close together they are, as well as her other important proportions such as her butt, thighs, waist and legs. You can check out a brief sample of the character customization feature below.

Unlike Western AAA games, all the females in Fight Angel are designed to be attractive. And unlike Dead or Alive 6, Red Fox Studio has no qualms going all in on the boob jiggle physics, ensuring that the girls are jiggling and wobbling all the time during the fight, not just when they’re standing still or doing winning or losing poses.

You can see during the gameplay trailer that the fighting is solid enough, using basic combos, special attacks, and super moves, much like Street Fighter V. The fighting is definitely faster than Capcom’s title, and it seems easy enough to get into. You also get a glimpse at how the customization outfits look during the game, and you can readily see that unlike Dead or Alive 6, the clothing damage is very readily apparent and the clothes strip the girls down enough so that you can very easily make out their bras and thongs, something that Yohei Shimbori skimped on because he said that they couldn’t include that level of fan-service in Dead or Alive 6.

What’s interesting is that the boob jiggling is also affected by the clothing attire that the girls wear, much like Dead or Alive 6. However, the jiggling changes depending on the outfit, but it never goes away. It’s the ultimate form of dynamic fan-service.

The Early Access version will include the arcade mode, the story mode, and a versus mode for local versus. The full version will include network battles for online multiplayer, as well as additional characters and customizable costumes.

The Early Access run is expected to last anywhere between three and six months (assuming Valve doesn’t pull the plug and ban the game for some nebulous reason like they did with R’lyeh Game).

You can keep an eye on the Steam store page or wishlist the game to find out when Fight Angel will eventually launch.

(Thanks for the news tip Rick)