Generation Zero Launch Trailer Reminds Gamers That Robots Have Invaded Sweden In 1989
Generation Zero

The launch trailer for Avalanche Studios and THQ Nordic’s Generation Zero has gone live. The four-player cooperative shooter-survival game set in 1980s Sweden is a little bit like a robot version of Red Dawn. Although, if the enemies swapped metal sheets for turbans and AK-47s, it would be less of a historical re-imagining and more like a look at Sweden’s future in two decades.

The minute and a half long trailer sports some synthwave while a team of four “diverse” characters roam the Swedish countryside and urban ruins that have been overtaken by hulking, killer machines.

The trailer runs through some of the basic locations you’ll visit, some of the weapons you’ll acquire, and some of the enemies you’ll face off against. Check it out below.

Now unlike some other recent AAA games, they at least let you create your own character in Generation Zero. So if you don’t want to play as a “culturally enriched” invader, you can choose to play as someone more native to the region before Leftists, Globalists, and SJWs began rewriting history to push their social engineering agitprop.

The general gist of the game is that you venture around the once idyllic Swedish countryside, gathering weapons and supplies, and your objective is to avoid being overrun by the robots that have taken over the land.

You’ll need to fight your way to safety, gear up, and attempt to discover where the robot invaders have come from.

The feedback on this game has been lukewarm with a spot of interest. A lot of the pre-launch and post-launch sales will be entirely dependent on whether or not gamers have a reason to pick up a copy day-one. If it’s propaganda-free then it might not be a bad co-op action game to grab on home consoles or PC. If it’s an SJW preach-fest then they can forget about it.

Also, a lot of the post-launch word of mouth will be dependent on the game’s weapon mechanics, the AI competency, and the way the missions can be completed.

There’s a lot of room for error but also plenty of room for Generation Zero to be a decent sleeper hit when it launches on March 26th next week for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more info, feel free to visit the official website.


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