Genius! NAZI-GIRL GoePPels-Chan Ep1 Secures March 7th Steam Release After Being Held Up In Review
Genius Nazi Girl Goeppels CHan

Valve has been reviewing Genius! NAZI-GIRL GoePPels-Chan Ep1 throughout the month of February. The game was originally supposed to launch in early February 2019, but it was delayed delayed to the middle of February after the Japanese developer, Warmachine, informed the community that he had run into some issues with the Steam backend. After a few more delays, the game has finally secured a March 7th, 2019 release on Steam.

After missing its early February release date, the developer took to the forums on February 2nd, 2019 to explain the delay, writing…

“I’m sorry that sale of “Genius!NAZI-GIRL GoePPels-Chan ep1” is behind schedule.
I still have to establish several systems of STEAM illegibly from the game offer side, and I’m late.
(The manual of STEAM is unkind to the difficult top.)
I’d like to release it somehow or other at the beginning of February, so please soon wait a moment.”

The game then moved to a February 27th, 2019 release, as noted in the Steam Database, but after being reviewed by Valve, it was postponed again.

It wasn’t explained what exactly caused the game to miss the February 27th, 2019 release, but a day later, on February 28th, 2019, Warmachine informed the community that the game’s hold-up this time around was due to Valve re-reviewing product, writing…

“GoePPels-chan ep1” We are waiting, but it seems that it takes time to review the STEAM.


“So I will announce you “Goeppels Channel” to kill time. How, “GoePPels-chan” became Virtual YouTuber!


“I am sorry for English speaking people, because language is only Japanese, please also enjoy the atmosphere alone.”

The YouTube channel linked features parody videos featuring GoePPels-chan.

Gamers believe that the hold-up in review has to do with the game’s themes rather than any of the actual in-game content. There is no sex and there is no nudity, no adult content, and no violence. However, the game does center around players taking on the role of GoePPels-chan, a propaganda minister for the Third Reich in a parody themed around World War II.

Genius! NAZI-GIRL GoePPels-Chan ep1 originally came out way back in October of 2016, but WarMachine is just now porting the game to Steam. We’ll see if Valve will “taste police” the game the way they’ve done with other titles, or if they’ll allow it to release come March 7th.

For more information, feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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