Genius! NAZI-GIRL GoePPels-Chan Ep1 Steam Release Indefinitely Delayed Due To Valve
Nazi Girl Goeppels

WarMachine’s 2016 satirical visual novel Genius! NAZI-GIRL GoePPels-Chan Ep1 was originally scheduled to release on Steam back in early February of 2019. The release was pushed back and the developer took to the Steam forums to apologize to fans and explain that the comedic visual novel was still coming, but he had to get a few things in order. He claimed that he had secured a March 7th release, but March 7th came and went and still no game. After several more delays, the game is now indefinitely postponed.

Back in February the release date was originally moved up to February 27th, according to the SteamDB entry, but then the release date passed and the new date was moved to March 7th, and then that date passed and a new date was set for March 11th, and then March 14th, and now the Steam page simply says “Coming Soon”.

Given the themes of the game – players taking on the role of a female loli version of Goebbels as a propagandist for the Third Reich – it’s likely that Valve is considering axing the game just like they did with Rape Day, not because it violates any of their rules but because they’ve gone back to being the taste police.

Ultimately Valve is being pressured by game journalists and agitprop peddlers to cull their library of games to only host the kind of content that Social Justice Warriors find attractive. This is why we’re seeing a bunch of anime and visual novel games – especially those aimed at straight male audiences – getting axed from the store, while games featuring hardcore furry pornography or uncensored gay sex make their way onto Steam without any issues or censorship. The only game featuring gay sex that was banned from Steam was Cross Love – Episode 1, which was basically about a cute trap who ended up having sex with boys at a college. But SJWs hate traps.

For games like Genius! NAZI-GIRL GoePPels-Chan Ep1, it doesn’t look good for Japanese developer WarMachine. Typically games that get held up in Valve’s review system usually end up on the Waifu Holocaust 2.0 banned list. It’s very rare that a game delayed multiple times by Valve is released on Steam, but we’ll keep an eye on this entry – even though it doesn’t contain any sexual content or nudity – and see if Valve lets it through or drops the banhammer on it.


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