Gray, Adult Platforming-Puzzle Game Makes Its Way Onto Steam Uncensored

Not every adult game that comes to Steam has to launch censored and gimped. Some developers are allowed to explore the Adults Only category that Valve setup by making games that obviously don’t look like anime titles or have too much of an Asian flair to them. A perfect example of a game that has managed to slip by the censors at Valve is NOTvil’s Gray.

The puzzle-platformer recently released to very positive reviews. It’s a story about a man who finds himself trapped in the body of a tiny little robot that must navigate through obstacles in order to reach the end. At the end of the levels the protagonist finds himself back in his human body, at a bar, no less.

The game alternates between the little robot and the bar. The robot has to overcome platforming challenges while at the bar players are able to interact with the lovely ladies, take them home, and bang them.

Gray Screenshot

It seems like a pretty straightforward concept where you get to workout both heads in a single sitting.

Gray features more than 1,000 HQ uncensored CG images that you can unlock throughout the second portion of the game, as you unravel the story about this mysterious man and figure out why he keeps getting transported into the body of a robot.

You’ll be able to engage in interactive sex scenes and mini-games as well, which expand the experience to anywhere between four and five hours of play. The game attempts to mix in actual gameplay with the visual novel dating sim elements to give players a reason to keep coming back for more and experimenting with the different characters you can interact with at the bar.

Obviously NOTvil seemed to be able to slip by the Valve employees by having the lovely ladies in the game appear more… Western.

This has been a common theme with games that usually get the green light from Valve versus those that don’t.

Almost all of the games on the banned list are anime-themed in nature, even when the female characters are large breasted and obviously don’t look like a minor.

Either way, you can get your hands on the uncensored version of Gray right now for $9.99 by visiting the Steam store page.


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