Infected Shelter, 4-Player Co-op Rogue-Lite Beat-’em-up Coming To Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC
Infected Shelter

Dark Blue Games dark-comedy beat-’em-up shooter, Infected Shelter, is prepping to enter into Early Access on Steam very soon. The game is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival title that taps into the rogue-lite sub-genre where dying means taking on the role of a new character and attempting to survive for as long as possible in the randomly generated story mode.

The game centers around a shelter of survivors who are constantly attacked by bandits, zombies, and kidnappers, and you must figure out what the kidnappers are doing with the people they take. You can join up to three other friends in a four-player, shared-screen cooperative experience or join with three other people in online play in what’s being described as a mash-up of Dead Cells meets Castle Crashers meets Mortal Kombat.

You have a number of different characters to choose from, including some comedic pairings such as a super sexy nurse and a doctor bound to a wheelchair while they fight and shoot their way through zombies, some post-apoc punk girls, soldiers, and a hardy dude with a beard and a chainsaw. You can see the game in action with the PAX teaser trailer below.

The game features a variety of different enemies to overcome and more than 150 different weapon blueprints to unlock in order to upgrade and access bigger and more powerful armament.

There are also different skills you can acquire, new clothes you can slap on the characters, and relics to help give you buffs and bonuses during your run.

It’s a little bit like a rogue-lite dungeon crawler, but it plays out like a frantic, fast-paced beat-’em-up.

You’ll have 50 different executions to unlock using a variety of different weapons, 200 different areas to explore, lots of weapons to use, and 50 traits that you can upgrade over the course of the single-player or co-op experience.

It looks like the kind of game you could play and unwind with while chugging down some beers on a weekend while hanging out with a couple of friends in your den. You might even watch some Bloodsport when you get done or check out that new flick Triple Threat to round out the experience.

Anyway, Infected Shelter is due to hit Steam Early Access at some point during the second quarter of 2019. The game, once finished, will launch in full for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and on the Nintendo Switch, which is probably the version you’re definitely going to want to get since they oftentimes support both local co-op and LAN play, something that’s been missing from a lot of PC games lately.

You’ll be able to play-test the game at this year’s PAX East event in Boston, Massachusetts to see how well the co-op, gameplay, and difficulty work, or you can wait a while for the game to head into Early Access to try it then.  For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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