Japan’s SDF Rebuffs Gender Studies Professor And SJWs Critical Of Sexy Strike Witches Recruitment Poster
Strike Witches

Some Social Justice Warriors in Japan have criticized the Japan Self-Defenses Forces for using a sexy poster featuring the girls from the anime Strike Witches in the Shiga Provincial Cooperation Office in Otsu, Japan. Thankfully, however, the SDF put the people whining in their place and did not apologize for using the poster for recruitment.

Sites like Yahoo Japan and Nifty are reporting that some individuals criticized the SDF for using the post of Strike Witches, featuring the characters leaping into the air. The detractors claimed that it promoted “sexual harassment” and that you could see the girls’ underwear, saying that it was “embarrassing” to use such imagery to promote SDF recruitment. An image of the promotional poster for the SDF can be viewed below.


Sankaku Complex is reporting that gender studies professor at the Osaka University, Kazue Muta, criticized the Japan’s SDF for use of the poster due to how it could be viewed overseas. The article paraphrases the comments, writing…

“Kazue Muta, a “gender studies” professor at Osaka university who has previously claimed that the prince from Snow White was a sex offender, complains that its “sexualisation” of young girls could lead to it being interpreted as child pornography overseas, and that they be should concentrating on filling their ranks with strong and empowered women instead.”

According to the Japan Times, the SDF is unrepentant about the promotional poster, as they’re aiming to raise recruitment for their services. They also don’t see any issue with the poster, telling Japan Times…

“We only used the existing anime work of Kadokawa Corp. We thought that the content appeals to young people. We didn’t really insist on using female characters.”

The SDF also denied complaints from those claiming that the girls were in their underwear, rebutting the arguments by saying that the girls are wearing trousers, not underwear.

The SDF has reportedly continued to use the promotional image across the office in Osaka, the Twitter page, and the Facebook page.

This comes after the SDF’s many other failed attempts to raise recruitment numbers, which have been down since 2015, as reported by the Recruiter. Recruitment has actually dropped over the years due to a stable economy and dwindling population numbers, as reported by Nikkei.

However, if adding some anime chicks to the recruitment posters can get a bunch of lonely otaku to join the SDF due to the waifu-bait, then obviously the recruitment offices are likely not going to abandon the Strike Witches poster anytime soon.

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