Limerick Heroines, Seven Sirens Launch Uncensored And Free On Nutaku
Seven Sirens

Nutaku has two brand new games that have arrived on the adult storefront, including the RPG Seven Sirens and the match-puzzle game, Limerick Heroines. Both titles are available for free, and both tiles feature tantalizing uncensored lewd scenes filled to the brim with vivacious beauties the likes of which you will never see in a Western AAA game.

Limerick Heroines is a tile matching game where you battle against a variety of hotties, completing word challenges, training up sexy adventurers and unlocking various treasures and events.

As you win the matches and seduce the lovely ladies, you’ll unlock uncensored sex scenes featuring the various maidens you’ve encountered. You can hop into Limerick Heroines right now, for free, over on the NSFW Nutaku store page.

Seven Sirens - screenshot6

The second game, Seven Sirens, is an RPG-driven puzzle game where you complete the boards across a world map, attempt to make your way up the leaderboard, and encounter the various sirens in fully interactive sex scenes.

The game also features a unique branching story that features three different endings for each of the characters you encounter.

The designs are definitely themed around curvy, big-breasted chicks. Nutaku seems intent on steering clear of the lolis with Seven Sirens, though. So if you’re into the whole flat justice theme, you’re going to be fresh out of luck with this game.

For everyone else who enjoys them some bountiful jugs of justice, you can check out Seven Sirens right now, for free, by visiting the NSFW Nutaku app page.

Basically both titles are puzzle-RPGs, but in the case of Limerick Heroes it’s about word puzzles, where-as in the case of Seven Sirens it’s a traditional match-3 game. The highlight is that both games can easily be played with both eyes on the screen and only one hand on the mouse. Just the way nature and technology intended it to be.


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