Mario Tennis Aces Adds A Sexy And Classy Pauline To The Roster
Mario Tennis Aces - Pauline

Nintendo manages to show up companies like NetherRealm Studios by giving gamers female characters that retain their sex appeal and keep it classy at the same time. A perfect example of that is Pauline from Super Mario Odyssey, making her debut in Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch.

The new roster addition was given her own 48 second trailer featuring the theme song from Super Mario Odyssey while we get a look at her outfit, her moves, and her special ability. You can check out the trailer below.

The trailer starts by panning up Pauline’s body, starting from her stylish black sneakers up to her above-the-knee sports skirt.

The singing mayor of New Donk City has a matching black sports bra to coordinate with her shoes, which is visible under the backless dress. She tops off the outfit with a yellow and white wristband and a visor. Like many of the other humanoid females on the roster, Pauline cuts a slender figure with shapely legs and arms. It’s pretty obvious the designers have actual respect for highlighting the aesthetics of the female art form.

As far as the mechanics are concerned, Pauline is classified as a “Speedy” character. We see how she performs her standard shots, her trick shots, and how she can quickly move across the court using pirouettes to reach the ball.

Her special shot is especially noteworthy because it sees the starlet surrounded by residents of New Donk City while spotlights shine around her and a skyscraper erects from the court while she jumps up and smacks the ball.

Her special was particularly popular with the resident YouTube commenters.

You can get your hands on Pauline by playing through any of the online tournaments between March 1st and March 31st. Alternatively, Pauline will be available for everyone – regardless of if you play through the tournaments or not – starting April 1st.

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