Master Z: Ip Man Legacy Trailer Features Max Zhang, Dave Bautista And Tony Jaa Throwing Down
Master Z

The the Ip Man franchise has slowly evolved over the years, seemingly growing into its own expanded universe with the addition of Master Z: Ip Man Legacy, which features a story themed around another secondary character from Ip Man 3, Master Cheung, following his defeat at the hands of Ip Man, played by Donnie Yen.

Cheung is working at a restaurant as a waiter, but he’s given a kung fu stimulus from Michelle Yeoh, who tries to reinvigorate Cheung’s skills.

Cheung is then dragged into a fight against gangsters, criminals, and a very game Dave Bautista. You can check out the awesome trailer for Master Z: Ip Man Legacy courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

Director Yuen Woo-Ping brings his timeless martial arts choreography to the table, as we see Max Zhang executing some mean moves against all manner of foes.

I have no idea what the actual plot is of the film based on the trailer alone because they don’t really explain anything, but it looks like Cheung gets wrapped up in some drama centered around the restaurant where he works, and a variety of foes seem to want to want to cause trouble for him, including Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista and Fast & Furious’ Tony Jaa.

The fight scenes look pretty cool even if the plot probably isn’t the best. However, in today’s age where so many movies are little more than Left-wing propaganda for Hollywood’s SJW agenda, Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy looks like it could be a decent watch.

Also, it’s worth noting that Zhang was a real pleasure to watch in SPL: Killzone 2 as a cool-as-a-cucumber villain. He showcased some superb technique against Wu Jing and Tony Jaa during the final fight scene in the flick. So I’m looking forward to seeing him throw down again with Tony Jaa in Master Z.

The film has already been out in Asia but it’s now coming soon to the West.


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