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Anime Crying

The war on anime continues. Popular anime streaming streaming website, has officially shut down. The website originally was no longer accessible for a spell, but then the owners posted up a goodbye message on the main website.

If you visit the page, it now reads…

“It’s finally time for us to use the cliche saying “All good things must come to an end”. It’s rare that we’ll write up an announcement like this in a more serious tone. But due to certain circumstances we’ll be closing down a part of and stop serving any video links to anime on our website.


”We realise that we have built and have an amazing community because of the entertainment that we have in common called anime, so we’ll keep the discussions open for a bit longer so that you can give proper goodbye’s to your fellow fans.”

The sub-reddit for didn’t take the news too well. However, the community was quick to start looking for alternatives.

They began a thread suggesting different anime streaming alternatives.

It doesn’t sound like there’s going to be any kind of saviors who step in to rescue the way Fakku stepped in to rescue Hentai Haven.

There has been a concerted effort by the powers that be to censor all of the happy moments that pretty much make up the infrastructure of boner culture.

For instance, the U.K., is implementing the AgeID porn check this April. We’ve had the United Nations drafting a proposal to stop child exploitation, but they’ve included drawings and literature in there as well, which includes anime, hentai, mangas, and doujins obviously. And even Twitter has been cracking down on lewd lolis, along with Reddit.

In this particular case, is the latest victim of the war on anime. The owners denied that it was strictly to do with DMCA or copyright infringement, but they didn’t elaborate on the reasons for the shut down. Given the trend in censorship of adult material and anime content, it may be related to some sort of regulatory crackdown.

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