Minecraft Update Removes Notch References Following Notch Criticizing SJWs

If you follow Markus “Notch” Persson on social media you know that he drops a lot of red pills on the people who follow him. He’s an avid employer of common sense and a dedicated marksman for the truth. These promulgations have managed to put “Notch” in many headlines written by mendacious-minded individuals, and it seems as if those maxims have finally caught up with him to the point that Mojang has removed any references to the creator of Minecraft in the latest update.

The update was outlined in a changelog over on the Minecraft Gamepedia.

In the 1.4 update changelog it literally says that all splash screen references to Notch have been completely removed.

Now, as pointed out by NicheGamer, Notch still appears in the game’s credits, he just no longer appears in the splash screens.

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Now if you’re wondering about all this controversy about Notch and what he’s been saying on social media, well… step into the office of the Social Justice bubble for a minute, and let us take a journey down the river of insanity, for which the Regressive Left drink from like dogs drinking the yellow puddles of snow next to a homeless shelter in Pittsburgh.

Notch has been trending for one thing or another, but oftentimes it’s for calling out the Liberal agenda, putting SJWs in their place, or not accommodating the impracticality of their mental illness.

For conext, Notch’s tweets explaining his position on trans and what got the latest kerfuffle rolling were originally posted on March 11th, 2019.

This isn’t even the first time that Notch has called them out. In fact, back in December of 2012, Notch grilled Social Justice Warriors and the regressive Left for their incessant and unrelenting attacks on straight, white men.

At the time he managed to escape the wrath of Microsoft and Mojang, but this time… the trans comments were too much for them to ignore, and so he was ousted from the splash screens.

Notch did acknowledge and respond to the news.

Later he joked about what he thought of the current iteration of Minecraft, as well as reminding gamers that it’s important to keep cognizant of the fact that the game belongs to the community and it lives or dies based on the audience it retains.

Also, this little jab from the current developers of Minecraft at Notch doesn’t really change the fact that without him they wouldn’t have jobs.

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