Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer Reveals Kotal Kahn’s Sexy Scantily Clad Body As He Gets Pummeled By Jacqui
Mortal Kombat 11 Kotal Kahn

Mortal Kombat fanboys have been drooling for more Kotal Kahn imagery ever since it was announced that he was going to be in Mortal Kombat 11. They’ve been throwing fits over anyone even remotely critical of the double standards that NetherRealm has been displaying in the way the men and women are depicted in the game. However, it’s finally come to my attention that these fanboys aren’t trying to preserve some sense of integrity regarding the Mortal Kombat franchise, or simply rewrite the 25 year history of fan-service that the series has delivered for their male and female combatants… it’s because the fanboys (and some fangirls) simply want all that luscious man meat for themselves. No sexy girls allowed.

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment finally delivered.

They rolled out a new three minute trailer featuring nothing but Kotal Kahn, dressed in little more than loin-cloth attire his dominatrix-clad predecessor, Shao Kahn, would surely be proud of.

The reveal trailer is actually more-so focused on Jacqui Briggs beating the living crap out of Kotal Kahn than it is Kotal Kahn, especially since it’s titled after him but the focus is entirely on Jacqui. In fact, we don’t even get to see Kotal Kahn’s finishing maneuver in his own trailer!

Don’t worry, though, YouTuber Babyzone uploaded a two minute video clip of Kotal Kahn exercising his Fatality on Jacqui Briggs, whose alternate outfit is identical to Jade’s alternate outfit, just with a white template instead of green. You can check it out below.

Beyond that pitiful display we do get to see his giant, muscle-bound body flexing and fighting as if to entice all those fanboys out there who have given up on finding women sexy and are now thoroughly enthralled with ebullient vigor to see some of their favorite Mortal Kombat men stripped down and fighting with all their bare nipples dangling out and pointed like hard black buttons on a snowman during a crisp winter night.

But don’t worry, if you were a little put off by the Aztec garb that Kahn is wearing because you’re one of those Centrists™ who hate cultural appropriation, there are some other gear pieces for Kahn to don, so you don’t have to worry about looking good in front of your Liberal friends by pretending to care about a bygone civilization that doesn’t give two deuces about some upper echelon, shaved-haired harpy living off their parent’s trust fund money in San Francisco.

YouTuber Super has the details.

Interestingly enough, none of the three costumes that Kotal Kahn dons allow him to cover his chest. All three of his defaults are shirtless, and two of his alts are pants-less.

What this means is that the most clothes that Kotal Kahn can wear from his three basic default costumes is the one where he puts on some pants and shoes, but he still keeps that wide-berth chest bare for some of the ladies and all the men to see.

As mentioned by Super in the video above, the human skin for Kotal Kahn, where he’s just in a loin cloth and man-panties, was his “favorite skin”.

Apparently I got it wrong about NetherRealm Studios’ new design philosophy.

I used to think that they were trying to cover up all the women to appeal to sex-negative, regressive Leftists. However, it could be that they’re just focusing on making the men look as hot and sexy as possible to cater toward the male audience who lust after seeing bare, buff, male bodies.

In fact, in the comment section on the YouTube video a few people noted that Kotal Kahn looks a lot more buff this time around compared to his appearance in Mortal Kombat X.

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They almost look the same but his pectoral muscles are obviously more chiseled and defined in Mortal Kombat 11, and his biceps have increased in size.

Meanwhile, Jacqui is as covered up as she was in Mortal Kombat X, along with all of the other females on the roster. Bringing this up will certainly inflame certain fanboys and Centrists™ who dare not allow you to take attention away from their thirsts for the undressed male body.

When they aren’t lambasting real American men for liking beautiful women, Centrists™ are busy scouring the social media warscape pining for attention while furiously stroking their genital egos in front of the Liberal Magistrate, all in hopes of one day getting their noncommittal Moderate®-approved criticisms of “both sides” stickied to a pinned tweet by a she-twink.

Ultimately, what this means is that you can expect to see more defenses as to why the men in Mortal Kombat 11 are all dressed down while all the women are extremely covered up. This is likely being used as a cover by certain fanboys and Centrists masking their real desire to take an oral trip down the streets of sausage-ville, slurping up all the secreted sauces along the way.

Mortal Kombat 11 is due out on April 23rd for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, primed and ready to fulfill all your half-naked male fantasies like the late 1970s edition of Playgirl Magazine.


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