My Friend Pedro, Over-The-Top Gun-Fu Shooter Coming To Nintendo Switch In June
My Friend Pedro

One of the most highly anticipated shooter games currently in development by Deadtoast Entertainment and set to be published by Devolver Digital (unless a bunch of whiny SJWs complain to them and get the game pulled similar to what happened with Tim Soret’s The Last Night and Raw Fury) is the Equilibrium and Max Payne inspired 2.5D side-scrolling shooter, My Friend Pedro.

Last year during E3 the developers noted how much the two aforementioned movies helped inspire their off-the-wall, off-the-cuff shooter. This year, the developers are back to proudly announce that not only will their Unity 3D shooter be arriving on PS4, and PC, but the game will be launching this June for Nintendo Switch as well.

The official announcement came during a Nindies Direct and was further highlighted by a tweet from the official Nintendo of America Twitter account.

The best part about it was the accompanying trailer that clocked in at nearly two minutes, showcasing some of the more awesome maneuvers you can pull off, such as diving through windows, bidirectional akimbo firing, and even shooting guys while falling from a building upside down.

The trailer is chock full of some amazing moments pulled straight from the actual gameplay. You can check it out below.

We also find out that the game will finally launch this year in June. It’s quite fitting given that it was first revealed that it was heading to the Nintendo Switch last June, and so now it will be launching on the Switch and other platforms in June.

You can learn more about My Friend Pedro by hitting up the Nintendo Switch game page.


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