Nintendo Labo VR Kit Launches April 12th
Nintendo Labo VR

Nintendo recently announced that the Nintendo Labo will be making a huge leap this spring, specifically on April 12th. Twinfinite picked up the news from over on the Nintendo of America Twitter account, which made the announcement and revealed that pre-orders can be placed over on the official Nintendo website.

There are three different VR kits for the Nintendo Labo, including the starter set and the blaster kit, the expansion set with the camera and elephant, and the expansion set 2 that comes with bird and the wind pedal.

There’s also a fourth kit, which features a VR google set, a wind pedal, the camera, the elephant, the bird, and the blaster all in one package.

They didn’t quite roll out the price on the VR Labo kit, but I can’t imagine it being any cheaper than $100.

There were plenty of memes being shared in the thread, with a lot of Nintendonites joking with Nintendo about the Virtual Boy from years ago.

Nintendo never ruled out the possibilities of virtual reality gaming with the Nintendo Switch, but everyone was wondering how it would be done given how low the specs are on the system. Most VR capable rigs require a lot of hardware and a lot of expensive equipment, but it looks like Nintendo is going with a cost-effective measure similar to the GearVR, but for the Switch. It’s a smart move to test the waters with the Nintendo Labo since they can see what the attachment is like without relying on any heavy hardware investments.

Nintendo Labo VR Kit

You can look for the new VR kit for the Nintendo Labo to go live next month starting April 12th. You can pick up the current Labo kits right now, or wait until next month to get your hands on the new VR set.

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