One Piece: World Seeker Cheats Sport God Mode, Easy Crafting, Stealth Mode
One Piece World Seeker Cheats

Bandai Namco’s One Piece: World Seeker for PC, PS4, and Xbox One didn’t quite set the world on fire with its open-world map design and beat-’em-up gameplay. It did, however, manage to capture some of the attention of Shonen Jump fans looking for a new One Piece game to sink their paws into. For gamers who have picked up a copy of the game, there are some new cheats available that will grant you access to everything you need in order to breeze through even the most difficult aspects of the game.

The first cheat trainer comes in the form of a free and premium option made available for download over on the page.

The trainer sports the following options:

  • Infinite stamina
  • Reset Skillpoints to 0
  • +10 Skillpoints
  • Materials Multiplier x999
  • Infinite Observation Haki
  • Instant Chest Opening
  • Easy Kills
  • Infinite Tension
  • Godmode
  • Stealthmode

The infinite observation Haki is useful for those of you who just need to gain an extra edge when spotting enemies and trying to play stealthy.

Alternatively, the Stealth Mode will make you invisible to all enemy NPCs, allowing you to escape their attention and their observation.

There’s a second cheat trainer available for download over on the page.

This trainer sports many of the same options as the one above, but with a few added bonuses such as easy crafting, modifying the game speed, and freezing the mission timer:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Haki Perception Gauge
  • Unlimited Full Tension Gauge
  • Weak Enemies
  • Player Invisible
  • Unlimited Range Meter Attack
  • Freeze Mission Timer
  • Easy Craft
  • Game Speed
  • Edit Skill Points
  • Edit Amount of Time

The only downside to the cheat trainer for One Piece: World Seeker is obviously that it comes at a premium price.

But the game itself is an open-world adventure, not unlike many other Western games out there where you take on various missions throughout the island, and the more missions and side-missions you complete the more the world opens up to you.

The major issue with the game is that it’s just kind of mundane and repetitive. You’ll have to recycle many of the same tactics over and over again against very samey enemies. The addition of the stealth feature attempts to bring a little bit of Metal Gear Solid into the picture, which can be intense for missions where you’re trying to infiltrate a base or a heavily guarded area, but there’s very little punishment for being seen given that it’s faster most times to just kill all of the enemies than it is to stealth past them.

Nevertheless, One Piece: World Seeker is currently available for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The cheats, however, are only available to PC gamers.


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