One Piece: World Seeker Hot Springs Mission Not Coming To America, According to Bandai Namco

One Piece World Seeker

It’s been confirmed by Bandai Namco that the hot springs mission called the “Phantom Remedy” is only exclusive to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Australia. You cannot purchase, acquire, or download the mission in North America for One Piece: World Seeker.

The news comes courtesy of confirmation from Twinfinite, who reached out to Bandai Namco and finally got an answer about the DLC’s availability – or rather, the lack of availability in North America.

The article states…

“[…] we reached out to Bandai Namco Entertainment America, and we just received confirmation that the DLC will not be released in the region. No further details were provided.”

Originally some people thought that maybe this was a mistake given that you can claim the special “Phantom Remedy” mission from the EMEA territories through a rewards program offered through Bandai Namco’s official website. However, if you attempt to visit the rewards page from any of the North American regions it returns a 404 page error.

If you’re in Asia you had the option to pre-order the mission as special bonus DLC, which opened up access to several costumes for Luffy and the “Phantom Remedy” mission, which saw Luffy spying on the girls in their bikinis while they relaxed in the hot spring. Nami and Robin also joked about another girls’ breasts. You can see the full mission in effect courtesy of Naughty Gaming.

The mission was suspiciously missing from the North American release. Now it’s been confirmed that there is no way for North Americans to access the mission, not on PC, nor on Xbox One, and certainly not on the PlayStation 4.

Basically the only way to play the mission is to import the game from Asia or Europe, if you’re living in North America. Otherwise there’s no other way to access the mission.

One Piece World Seeker - Robin Boobs

Some people have claimed that this is due to Sony’s PS4 censorship policies, but we haven’t been able to confirm that. For now, we do know that North Americans can not view the lovely ladies of One Piece: World Seeker in their bikinis. However, it’s still possible to put Luffy in his swim trunks and run around… because, you know men being dressed in barely anything is a-okay but certainly not women in today’s Social Justice oriented society.

(Thanks for the news tip zac za and Animatic)