POC In Play Initiative Launches In U.K. To Increase Visibility Of ‘Diversity’ In Gaming


A new initiative called POC In Play was put together by Teazelcat Games CEO Jodie Azhar, journalist Chella Ramanan, developer Adam Campbell, along with Moo Yu, the co-founder of Foam Sword Games. The initiative has received support from UsTwo Games, the makers of Monument Valley. The whole point of POC In Play is to increase the visibility of diversity in video games.

GamesIndustry.biz is reporting that POC In Play will host various events around the London area, starting in March, this month. The article notes…

“Other planned intiatives involve assembling a stock photo library of people of color playing and creating games, lobbying the industry as a whole to increase its visible diversity, and offering a support network for people of color in the industry to communicate frustrations or struggles related to diversity.”

It seems like reducing a lot of minorities and colored people to little more than their skin color, diminishing their individuality in favor of grouping them into collectivist demarcation based on their melanin levels and ethnicity rather than their skillsets and knowledge base. It’s almost like the kind of diversity that YouTuber The Act Man decried and ranted about in a recent video.

However, journalist Chella Ramanan doesn’t see it that way, mentioning to the press…

“There’s a problem of visibility, both of people working in the industry and in the games themselves. The representation is often stereotypical – a black man will often be, say, an LA gang member, but that’s not representing the experience of people in Leeds or Birmingham, or the Caribbean. South Asian people are rarely represented at all. There’s a lack of seeing your own stories being portrayed so young people of colour aren’t being encouraged to think: ‘I could make a game like that.'”


Almost all of this is wrong.

First of all, there are plenty of games covering all sorts of different regions, experiences, and protagonists. In fact, if Ramanan was actually a gamer they would know that just recently Uppercut Games released City of Brass on home consoles and PC, which was themed around Persian mythology.

Also, it really shows how racist Ramanan is that the only game that they can think of regarding a black protagonist is an “L.A., gang member”, which means that they completely forgo games like Crackdown, where you play as lethal enforcers, or Prototype 2, or Marlow Briggs, or Unavowed, or The Suffering, or hundreds of other games out there that feature a wide variety of characters. Heck, these people probably don’t even know about classic games like Shadow Man, which have practically been erased from history by Social Justice Warriors.

This kind of dismissive racism is common in Leftist communities, where they silence, ignore, and suppress the history of minorities that don’t subjugate themselves to the Left’s plantation-based mentality that many agenda-driven activists expect from minorities.

This is basically why gamers work to reject this kind of exclusionary, inhumane, regressive ideologies, because at the end of the day they’re about historical erasure, ideological segregation, and sundering creative individualism for the sake of Cultural Marxism.

(Thanks for the news tip Rob Far)

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