Riot Games’ Chief Diversity Officer Angela Roseboro Will Influence Hiring, Inclusivity Programs
League of Legends Diversity (copyright dakongjun)

Riot Games hired in Angela Roseboro as the Chief Diversity Officer, who will head-up the company’s Diversity & Inclusion division. Roseboro will be in charge of helping Riot cultivate an “inclusive” corporate culture, and will influence things like hiring and recruitment.

Over on the Riot Games website, they explain…

“Angela will oversee all activity relating to diversity and inclusion (D&I), and will lead the creation of new programs to foster a more inclusive culture at Riot. Angela will also lead the recruiting team in driving inclusivity in Riot’s hiring and talent sourcing processes. Angela will report directly to, and work closely with, Emily Winkle, our Chief People Officer to ensure D&I is tightly integrated into our broader strategy to identify, recruit, develop, and retain the best talent to make incredible experiences for players.”

Roseboro’s previous job was working as the Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Dropbox. Her job at Dropbox was to help the company implement initiatives for increased inclusivity and diversity.

At Riot, Roseboro will be performing in a similar role, attempting to curb corporate “toxicity” and “sexual harassment”.

This comes after an exposè last year by Kotaku that resulted in Riot Games getting dragged through the mud in the public space for fostering a culture of “sexual harassment”, the same as Vice Media from last year. The whole thing involving Vice was super ironic because Vice’s staff were vehemently anti-#GamerGate, but the people who wrote the articles claiming that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign were fired from Vice for sexual harassment.

SJWs always project.

In the case of Riot, after they were outed for their culture, the company attempted to rectify the negative press by claiming they were opening up a Diversity & Inclusion division and bringing in a Chief Diversity Officer, which turned out to be Angela Roseboro.

Late last year Riot also held designer workshops at PAX, but in an attempt to over-compensate for their alleged sins, the company prohibited straight males from participating, which resulted in one of their employees defending discrimination against men and it ended up costing him his job.

Riot has been attempting to appease Social Justice Warriors ever since. We’ll see how much this will affect their games and projects moving forward.

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