Samurai Shodown Roster Expands With Darli Dagger, A Sexy And Scantily Clad Caribbean Pirate
Samurai Shodown - Darli Dagger

One of the three new characters joining the roster of Samurai Shodown, which is due out this summer for the PlayStation 4, and later on for PC. She was revealed during a panel at PAX East, which took place over the weekend in Boston, Massachusetts.

EventHubs did a small article about the newly revealed character, who is described by SNK as a badass pirate who sails the seven seas with a giant saw-blade.

Her name is Darli Dagger, and she’s a sun-kissed hottie with hips of steel and a leer-worthy rack the likes of which would make Barbie Benton jealous even during her Playboy years.

You can check out a larger image of Darli in all her scantily-clad glory, accompanied by her fearsome, jagged-edged saw-blade.

Samurai Shodown - Darli Dagger

The art design is pretty slick. They managed to get across the pirate motif while keeping her completely sexy. She’s got a criss-cross cloth bikini to cover up her boobs, along with a Caribbean sash around her waist and a white bikini with matching green and red trimming around the pelvic region.

The interesting thing about her design is that she has a lot of functionality in her accessories; a holster around her waist, thigh straps containing tools, and a calve holster for two knives.

It’s literally functional bikini armor.

I imagine there are going to be some game furious journalists fuming at the ears once they get done popping one off with some Jergens and some scented Puffs Ultra. They’ll (mostly) clean up and then get to hammering away at an editorial or news piece decrying SNK and Samurai Shodown for being “sexist”. If not now at least some point later down the line.

Anyway, EventHubs notes that SNK has some special announcements regarding Darli Dagger planned, where we’ll likely get to see her in action with some in-game footage and the reveal of what makes her saw-blade so special.

For now, SNK seems to be sticking with the artistic design ethos of other classic characters from Samurai Shodown that sported some appropriately fitting fan-service, such as Shiki and Mina Majikina.

We’ll have to wait a little while to find out more about Darli and the other two new characters, but SNK seems intent on rolling out new info slowly leading up to the game’s summer release.

(Thanks for the news tip Julian Leonardo Reyes Aka SkullReapingNinja1993)


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