Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Gameplay Walkthrough
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough

From Software and Activision’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of those rare games for PC, PS4, and Xbox One where you get to play as a masculine Japanese man who isn’t beholden to the burdens of Western identitarianism. It’s almost like a huge breath of fresh air from all of the woke politics that have hampered every single AAA franchises made within the last few years. Nevertheless, if you picked up a copy of the game and wanted to dive into it, but needed a little help with a few areas, don’t worry, there’s a walkthrough for that.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has a nice hardy walkthrough for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that you can check out below.

The game starts with a pretty badass cinematic sequence, filled with masculinity and drenched in testosterone.

It’s not the standard soy-laden weak-sauce you get from AAA developers.

Anyway, players take on the role of Wolf, a cub who had become a great swordsman and a shinobi. However, after 20 years, he lost everything.

You can open the equipment menu with the options button.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - Controls

Sekiro: Controls & How To Play

The controls for the game are pretty straightforward.

You use the left analog to move around and the right analog to operate the camera.

Pressing in the left analog stick will allow you to crouch for stealthy movement.

You can lock onto enemies by pressing in the right analog stick while aimed directly at them.

On the PS4 DualShock, ‘X’ is to Jump, Circle is to step dodge or you can hold it down to sprint, Square is your action button but holding it down will collect loot, and Triangle is to cycle through your prosthetic tools.

On the Xbox One, ‘A’ is to Jump, ‘B’ is to step dodge or sprint, ‘X’ is to perform actions or collect loot, and ‘Y’ is to cycle through the prosthetic arms.

You can deflect attacks using the left bumper or attack with the right bumper. You can grapple onto objects using the left trigger or utilize the prosthetic arm with right trigger.

Pressing the left and right bumper together will perform a special combat arts.

You can use items by pressing up on the digital pad, or cycle through the items by pressing left or right on the digital pad. You can eavesdrop on targets by pressing down on the digital pad.

You can wall-jump by pressing the jump button near a wall. You can also hug the wall using the action button when standing next to a wall.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - The Shinobi

Ashina Reservoir

Fo0llow the pathway through the reeds and underneath the house. Make your way across the side of the bridge by shimming across. You can drop down on ledges by pressing the step-dodge button or hang onto ledges by holding down the action button.

Make your way across the ledge and into the side opening of the house to trigger a short cinematic where Wolf will retrieve the Kusabimaru from his retainer.

Talk to the little boy who looks like a little girl and get the special medicinal water.

You’ll also acquire your next mission: to get to the secret passage and escape the castle.

You can grab some pellets from upstairs and then exit through the door and make your way outside.

You’ll encounter your first enemy in combat. Use the left bumper to deflect and the right bumper to attack. When the scene triggers to perform a death blow after a proper deflection, press the right bumper again for an instant kill. Additionally, you can keep attacking an enemy until their deflection meter fills up and they can no longer block and then you can do damage and perform a death blow.

For stronger enemies you sometimes have to perform multiple death blows to put them down for good.

Make your way around the wall where the fallen tree is located, and proceed up the bridge.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - The Retainer

Make your way down the cliff side to the door and press the action button to trigger the cinematic.

Head through the passage and go outside.

You’ll have to face off against Genichiro Ashina in your first major boss fight.

He doesn’t attack often but when he does he will do serious damage. The best strategy is to wait for him to attack, either deflect or step-dodge and then strike him from the side or from behind.

Keep fighting until a cinematic is triggered and Wolf will lose his left arm.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - Genichiro Ashina

The Wolf will then have his left arm replaced by The Sculptor.

Once you get done talking to the Sculptor, make your way outside and you can grab a light coin purse to store gold in, and you’ll also find an altar where you can rest.

Just outside the temple you’ll find Hanbei the Dying, an undead warrior you can use to practice your sword skills.

If you need to learn how to deflect, attack, or counter, you can use Hanbei for practice.

Once you get outside of the temple use the grappling hook to swing across the cliff’s edge near the broken bridge and climb over the rock face.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - Perilous Attacks

Ashina Outskirts

You’ll reach the Ashina Outskirts and you’ll find a Sculptor’s Idol on a ledge, tucked away above the gateway that leads toward the castle in the distance.

Unlocking Scupltor’s Idols will allow you to fast-travel between locations. So be sure to unlock them during your travels to make it easy to get around the map.

Head through the gate and up the pathway. You’ll need to kill a few guards and either grapple over the guard post or shimmy around the ledge.

Kill the few guards at the top of the steps and continue north.

If you want to grab a few pellets or gold scattered about the crevices of the outer wall remains, you can.

Inside the second floor of a guard post you’ll find a shuriken wheel, which you can take back to the Sculptor to craft into a working tool.

As mentioned in the section for the controls, you can swap out prosthetic tools in your inventory, and use the prosthetic tools using the right trigger. You can quick-swap the tool with Triangle on the PS4’s DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller.

You’ll also learn about Perilous Attacks, which will show a symbol and you’ll either need to step dodge, deflect or jump depending on the attack.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - Wolf

This is put to the test against General Naomori Kawarada at the end of the pathway. You can get the drop on him (literally) to take out one bar of his health. However, during the fight you’ll need to steer clear of his attacks and counter when possible to avoid certain death.

Grapple your way over to the dilapidated house with the old woman inside and she’ll give you the Young Lord’s Bell Charm.

You’ll find the woman’s son, Inosuke, just down the pathway by a torch fixture, you can takl to him to learn more about the bell.

Just beyond the the path, you can grapple your way up the cliff side to get the drop on a cannon wielder overlooking the gate.

You can choose to kill the guards or continue to make your way further across the battlement.

At the next Sculptor’s Idol, you may want to teleport back to the Sculptor’s temple and talk to him about the bell you retrieved from the old woman; he’ll also give you the Esoteric Shinobi text so you can acquire new Shibori Arts, which can be accessed from the options menu.

You can utilize these special arts by pressing the left and right bumper together. You can equip the skill from the options menu. As you level up you’ll unlock new skills.

The bell sequence will also take Wolf back into an old memory. Head down and across the bridge toward the burning village.

During the memory you’ll be able to kill some giant carps for treasure and you’ll encounter a man in a barrel named Harunaga who will allow you to trade carp scales for items.

When you get done hunting carp, proceed into the village. Kill the enemies roaming about and make your way to the bonfire.

One thing worth keeping in mind is that the guards around the fire are not easy if you attempt to take them on all at once. It’s best if you engage them one at a time or lure them away from the fire one at a time, or stealth kill them one at a time. Either way, if you attempt to fight all of them at once you will die.

Acquire the flame barrel from the fire once you clear out the enemies.

Make your way up the pathway further into the village and talk to the dying man, he will inform you that you can acquire an axe in which to kill the guards.

Head into the walled off section where you can talk to the people hiding in the houses or eavesdrop on the people. They will direct Wolf toward the young master’s abode.

Hirata Estate

Proceed toward the closed temple with two bandits outside of it. It’s just to the southeast of the pathway that leads up to the flaming pagoda. You’ll find the Axe of the Monkey inside the temple after you eavesdrop on two of the bandits.

Proceed up the path to encounter the shinobi hunter. He has a spear and will use wide sweeping attacks, which means you’ll need to jump the attacks when he goes to sweep you. You can also either dodge back or deflect his attacks if he charges you. Once you defeat him follow the path up into the burning estate.

If you don’t have the gonads to fight the shinobi hunter, proceed around the alternate path past the river and through the forest to a cave, where two bandits will be on guard and will note that it’s the only pathway to escape from the estate.

Once inside the cave, use the passageway and up up the walls to enter into the area of the burning estate. There’s a Sculptor’s Idol just to the left of the cave exit.

Meanwhile, if you keep dying it will make the dragonrot disease spread through the vicinity, which opens up another sidequest, so keep that in mind.

Also, if you present the prosthetic tools to the Sculptor – including the loaded axe and flame vent you recovered from the memory – you’ll also be given the Prosthetic Esoteric Text, which will enable you to unlock new abilities for your prosthetic tools.

Anyway, for the memory, continue to make your way through the burning streets. There are a handful of bandits roaming the streets. You can either sneak past them or kill them all. If you decide to kill them it’s best to either whittle them down by throwing knives at them form a distance, or attempting to get the drop on them when they don’t see you.

Once you get into the main courtyard you’ll need to face off against half a dozen men and Juzou the Drunkard, a stoutly and behemoth boss who is as light on his feet as a feather on the wind.

Your best bet is to run around the courtyard and kill all of Juzou’s minions first. Once they’re all dead wait for him to stop following you and then attack him from behind to take down an entire life bar.

Additionally, you can lure Juzou to an allied NPC standing in the water just beyond the courtyard. If Juzou attempts to attack you while you too close to the NPC, it will see the NPC helping you out during the fight. Don’t worry, he has enough life to duly unleash some vile damage on Juzou.
Once Juzou has been dispatched, make your way into the estate and take out the bandits patrolling the halls.

However, you won’t be able to get into the hidden area of the Heir unless you first get the hidden temple key from Wolf’s father.

So regardless of whether you want to fight the shinobi hunter or not, you will eventually have to face him on the pathway leading to the burning estate in order to get the hidden temple key from Wolf’s father, who is located inside the courtyard of the front entrance.

You’ll then be able to rescue the Heir in present day time at the Ashina castle. Make your way inside the castle and open the floor once inside the estate to head down into the hidden temple area where the Heir will be held captive.

Lady Butterfly

After a short cinematic you’ll face off against Lady Butterfly.

Now there are a few things to keep in mind while fighting against her. When she gets close she has a multi-hit melee combo you’ll need to deflect with the left bumper. Attack her when her combo ends.

When she gets her distance and throws her knives, step dodge out of the way – and if you have throwing shurikens be sure to throw them before or after you dodge to do a small bit of extra damage. When the Perilous Attack symbol appears, be sure to dodge backward.

She will also summon illusions. You’ll need the Snap Seed in order to make majority of the illusions disappear. Kill off the remaining illusions and then proceed to go back to fighting her.

She also has various projectiles she’ll fire at you. Before they fire they will glow. You can hide behind the flaming pillars to avoid taking damage from them.


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