Senran Kagura Creator And Producer Kenichirō Takaki Departs From Marvelous Entertainment
Senran Kagura

[Update:] It’s been revealed that Takaki departed from Marvelous Entertainment due to Sony’s PS4 censorship policies.

[Original article:] The man who made Senran Kagura a household name in the otaku community and weeb social circles the world around, Kenichirō Takaki, has hung up the digital bra at Marvelous Entertainment after putting in 13 years at the company.

The news comes from a report over on Famitsu, who broke the story on March 27th, 2019 Japan standard time.

The magazine will go further into detail of Takaki’s departure on the Famitsu Weekly Magazine April 11th, 2019 edition, which will feature an in-depth interview with Takaki on why now he decided to leave Marvelous. Snippets of the interview will be available starting March 28th, 2019 on the website.

Takaki will also discuss the future of the Senran Kagura series, which will  be left in the hands of Marvelous. The company also has a new project in the works, but obviously you’ll have to wait for the Famitsu interview to go live to find out what it is.

Senran Kagura - Hot Springs

In the article they refer to Takaki as the “Big Breast Producer”, because he was known for making fans of oppai happy with the very touchy-feely Senran Kagura games and anime series.

The “Big Breast Producer”, however, found himself at a crossroad with making fan-service games after Sony instituted the PS4 censorship policies.

He expressed his concern and troubles with making Senran Kagura: 7EVEN under Sony’s new regulations, and noted how fan-service across the board was being driven away little by little.

While it might appear as if he’s given up on the project altogether, and will now be focused on some other kind of endeavor, Gematsu notes that he’ll still oversee the production of the current Senran Kagura projects. We’ll find out more details when the Famitsu Weekly Magazine interview drops and the new Marvelous project is revealed.

For now, though, the future of Senran Kagura isn’t looking too good if Takaki won’t be directly involved, but Famitsu notes that the Seran Kagura series will continue.

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