SJWs Temporarily Get Nick Rekieta Banned From Twitter For Supporting Vic Mignogna
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Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta was banned twice from Twitter in a matter of hours. First he was banned for a tweet he made years ago, and then he was banned again for joking about a tweet about Disney. He did manage to get his account back, though.

The revelation of the ban came during a livestream hosted by YouTuber That Umbrella Guy on March 12th, 2019.

The full livestream is nearly two and a half hours long.

On the upside, however, there’s a cut down version that only contains the relevant clip from the two hour stream, where lawyer Nick Rekieta talks about the ban, which has come from people who hate anime voice actor Vic Mignogna and are intent on getting him booted out of the industry.

Nick Rekieta started up a GoFundMe for Vic Mignonga, and has been gathering funds – totaling over $100,000 – in order to help Vic with his legal fees for the lawsuit. However, as a way to obstruct Rekieta’s momentum – who is not only gathering funds but also breaking down the legalese and potential direction the lawsuit might take – Social Justice Warriors attempted to have him banned from Twitter.

Rekieta goes through some of the potential culprits who may have had his account banned from Twitter, and he suspects it could have been some furries who had pronouns in their Twitter profiles, or any of the vindictive SJWs from ResetEra, who also have it out for Vic Mignogna.

In the clip, Rekieta explains…

“I don’t know who it was, but let me tell you what the tweet was. The tweet was from 2017. December of 2017, in which I very obviously, as a joke, said ‘Disney will send team super lawyer to kill you’. That was [labeled as] abuse.”

Basically they explain that the Social Justice Warriors are so intent on derailing Rekieta and Mignogna’s momentum that they are now trawling through all of Rekieta’s tweets to look for anything to get him banned off of Twitter.

The attempts to deplatform Rekieta were short lived, however, and the fiery lawyer was back on Twitter taking shots at the powers that be.

It’s rather obvious that Twitter’s biases can still be easily exploited by those intent on deplatforming their ideological opponents.

In this case, however, Nick Rekieta managed to dodge the proverbial bullet by only getting temporarily banned, as opposed to getting permanently banned like certain other people.

(Thanks for the news tip The Positivist)


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