Some Fans Of Biomutant Stress Concerns Over Possible Epic Games Store Timed Exclusivity

Back in 2017 THQ Nordic took to its Twitter account to announce the acquisition of Experiment 101. The latter name happens to be the developer making Biomutant, an upcoming action-RPG that sees players assuming the role of an anthropomorphic creature in a strange world. Although quiet, there is quite the following behind Biomutant. However, concerns have arisen after a recent post about Biomutant being at Epic Games booth at GDC 2019.

In case you don’t know, Biomutant is powered by the Unreal Engine, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a “thank you” tweet to Epic Games would be sent out from Experiment 101.

The part that has people on the following tweet concerned comes from the recent poaches that has been happening, where titles set to release on PC via Steam have been delayed by an entire year due to a timed exclusive deal with the Epic Games Store — most notably Metro Exodus.

Often the Biomutant Twitter account is quick to reply to user tweets on Twitter about a variety of things, even if the answers are indirect or meme-like, but regarding whether or not Biomutant will come to the Epic Games Store as a timed exclusive has rendered no reply from said team.

One user worried about Biomutant’s development received a reply from the team, as seen below.

The very same user tried to get a response from the team on Biomutant being an Epic Games Store timed exclusive, but the team offered no response.

Moreover, the game in question for the last two years has been promoted to hit Steam last year (2018), but faced a delay and is now scheduled to be on Steam sometime this year (2019).


With all of the current poaches going on where PC games slated to hit Steam faced a timed delay due to a deal with the Epic Games Store, highly anticipated games are now scheduled to release 12 months late on Steam. In other words, Biomutant, a game set to hit Steam this year, may hit Valve’s platform in 2020 (or beyond) frustrating fans who were promised an early release date not too long ago.

With all of that said, time will tell whether or not Biomutant will be a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store or release on time as promised, but one thing is for sure: the action-adventure RPG in question will be available across PC, PS4, and Xbox according to


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