Sonic Live-Action Movie Reveals Sonic’s Full Body And It Looks Perverted
Sonic Perverted

A muscular, naked, furry anthropomorphic hedgehog is being brought to life by Paramount Pictures later this year in the form of Sonic The Hedgehog. Paramount has been extremely secretive about the adventure film, but apparently the studio working on the flick uploaded some images that made their way around the internet before they were removed from the production company’s website.

Internet denizens began quickly circulating the images from the site, giving us our first full look at the blue speedster, and he looks perverted.

Twitter user Jack DeVries seemed to describe him best, comparing Sonic to a coke-snorting junkie who would probably zip up behind you and whisper in your ear “Want to touch my rings?”

There’s a slightly fuller image available of the once popular animal with an attitude, giving fans and potential movie goers a complete look at his disturbingly captivating proportions.

As you can see below, his nakedness is accentuated by the shapeliness of his body, and slight hint of muscle definition in his calves and thighs, as if to indulge in the fetishistic nature of Sonic’s sex appeal.

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

He also has a round buttocks, giving the impression that he does squats often to increase the muscles and tighten up his derriere.

But what’s more disturbing is the fact that his white gloves have been replaced with fur, making it seem as if he’s been stricken with vitiligo.

He’s also been given the eyes of a night ravager.

This is the kind of design that furry SFM creators come up with while touching themselves and dreaming about SonicFox’s Game Awards speech.

There was also a rather hilarious tweet from VoidBurger that seemed to echo the sentiments many people had about the posters, which basically mocked the rather disturbing design of Sonic.

Others just couldn’t reconcile that what they were looking at was Sonic the hedgehog.

At the end of the day, it’s just difficult to understand what the creators were going for with the movie. Maybe it’ll all make sense when the official trailers arrive and we can get a better idea of how he fits into the world? But for now, there’s just a lot of confusion and perversion on display.

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