Star Citizen ATV Previews Planetary Cave System, Hot New NPC Quest-Giver
Star Citizen Hottie

Cloud Imperium Games rolled out the latest Around The Verse video for Star Citizen, highlighting more of the progress that the team is making on fleshing out the content for the persistent universe and optimizing and ironing out the Squadron 42 missions.

The new video is 14 minutes long, and it starts off with a pretty cool clip that zooms into a giant hole in the ground, which is part of the new planetary cave system that will be added to the game.

Before getting to the cave system, they first cover the new mission giver in the Staten system, Pacheco. The mission giver will also introduce a new hair pipeline that they have plans to implement into alpha 3.5.0, but even if the hair pipeline isn’t complete, Pacheco will still make an appearance in the persistent universe of Star Citizen. The original hair concept featured in the images below look a lot better than the more ethnic hairdo they’re going with for 3.5.0, but hopefully it looks better in the game than it does in the mesh rendering.

Star Citizen - Pacheco

I have to admit that at least they’re adding hot chicks to the game. Boy oh boy is it disappointing to see lots of high-end technology being put to waste by not creating cool, idealized characters. Also, this seems to be the first time in a long time a Western developer decided to add a black chick to a game who looks smoking hot. Kudos to Cloud Imperium Games for not derping her up like a nu-BioWare monstrosity.

They also cover two of the new weapons being added to the game, which includes a six-round shot revolver that packs a mean punch, and a new scoped semi-automatic rifle.

Both weapons look sexier than any of the female fighters in Mortal Kombat 11, but that’s not a very hard bar to pass.

Star Citizen – Revolver

Star Citizen - Scoped Rifle

And finally we get to the real meat and potatoes of the Around The Verse entry… the procedural planetary cave system.

The new cave system is based on the same research and development pipeline that was used for the truck stop. The only difference is that instead of a truck stop, it’s a cave system.

The different caves have different parts and pieces cobbled together where players can traverse through, allowing for new kinds of mission experiences as well as new opportunities for mining rare minerals. You can see how the system has been put together in the Around The Verse video below.

The core cave model can be seeded into different designs and placed into any of the different planets.

One of the really interesting parts of the cave system is that there are sinkholes in some planets large enough where you can actually fly ships into them.

The different layouts and props are also being arranged in ways that will include more than just standard spelunking. Some of the layouts will be based around climbing and platforming around the caves, and some of the cave structures will force players through tiny crevices and claustrophobic holes, not unlike the film The Descent.

I kind of like that concept because it really adds a new kind of flavor to the overall exploration system and some of the more psychologically intense moments you might encounter just moseying around beneath the surface of the planet.

The procedural planetary cave system will not be coming online anytime soon and there’s no ETA on when you can expect to see it go live. However, you ca keep track of the rest of the development for Star Citizen by paying a kind visit to the game’s developmental roadmap page.


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