Stop Politicizing Video Games With Race, Sex, Diversity, Says YouTuber The Act Man
SJWs Get Out

One YouTuber in the upper-brackets of the content creation circuit finally decided to have some balls and take a position by standing up against the current climate of over-politicization of video games. It’s none other than The Act Man, who made a near-17 minute video basically telling game developers and agenda-driven journalists to “stop politicizing video games!”

Every real gamer out there just wants to play and have fun, but they’ve been denied this for years now. Many developers have turned the AAA business into a proselytizing platform, especially for games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Battlefield V, Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dragon Age, to name but a few. This is despite the fact that many times when games get woke they go broke.

Moreover, a lot of gamers have become so brainwashed by Left-wing politics that they now defend a lot of the sociopolitical subversion injected into most games because that’s what they’ve been told by nearly every single major entertainment media outlet out there, and that’s because nearly every major media entertainment outlet is Left-wing adjacent.

But thankfully not everyone has given up their individuality or subjected themselves to licking the taint ring of the SJW agenda. The Act Man’s video goes through all of the nonsense currently plaguing gaming, calling it out and calling for it to finally come to an end.

The YouTuber, boasting more than 519,000 subscribers, points out how media outlets have dragged gamers kicking and screaming into the bullpen of politics, forcing people to take sides (although, realistically the only side you can take without being censored and castigated is the Left side), and ruining nearly every major gaming outing that’s steeped in agenda-driven activism.

One good example he brings up is how YouTuber Shirrako was banned temporarily from the platform all because he beat up a feminist in Red Dead Redemption 2. How idiotic is that?

He also points out that outrage bait about race, diversity, or gender nonsense is only ruining gaming, and it is. The Act Man explains…

“This politicization of video games is symptomatic of a greater issue facing the ‘world’. And that’s the issue of people trying to politicize every aspect of society in our culture.


“I just feel like people want to sink their claws into video games now, and push their political ideologies as another way to advance themselves; as another way to validate themselves; as a way to find a group [and] find an enemy.


“Bitch, I’m just here trying to get the nuke in Modern Warfare 2. I’m just trying to get a Killionaire [streak] in Halo 3, okay? I’m just trying to pilot a giant blimp in Battlefield 1. That’s what I’m here for.


“I’m not here to discuss politics… even though I am right now.”

He’s right about the politics invading every aspect of our culture, though.

You can pretend to ignore it, but it envelops you either way. All Centrists™ end up having to agree with or adhere to the Leftists’ standards because they refuse to speak out against it. Alternatively they claim that there’s nothing wrong with the “Progressive Agenda”. So the Overton window that the Leftists keep pushing their politics into eventually encompasses support from passive Centrists™ who refuse to challenge it because they would rather capitulate to the ruling class. At every opportunity they forfeit the indulgence of “wrongthink”, lest they be publicly shamed and castigated.

A good example of that is what happened recently when TheQuartering decided to call out the agitprop in Apex Legends, and he ended getting his sponsors pulled, after The Escapist did a hit piece on him.

Submit or be socially splayed.

The Act Man addresses the point of the spineless Centrists™ later in the video, saying…

“I think what bugs me is the way it seems certain companies and individuals [images of BioWare and DICE’s logos appear] are starting to see video games as a tool for pushing an agenda. To get what they want, to advance themselves. They see their games as a way to make a statement instead of a quality product.

“I think it’s this focus on licking your own balls and smelling your own poop, and liking it, that’s creating an unhealthy discourse. It creates this ‘them’ versus ‘us’ dynamic between gamers, when gamers were always banded together against the people who were shitting on video games.


“That’s what it was. That’s what it should be.


“There’s this dynamic with developers, even with the way they look at content creators – even people like me – you either stay out of it completely, or you take their side, the ‘right’ side, the ‘correct’ side. Because if not, well you might not get invited to events because you don’t think the same way that they do, politically.


“Is this really going to inspire content creators to speak their mind, to be honest and real? Or is it going to inspire people to fake believe what you believe in order to get in your good favor and go to your game releases and your private events, ya know? That’s how you get fake people.


“But if you want good people, if you want real people then don’t give a shit about that kind of stuff.”

The Act Man doesn’t forbade developers from tackling politics in their game if they want to, but he notes that it should be done organically or to help flesh out the worldbuilding and lore, rather than being used to push a political agenda.

He also praises Nintendo for actually sticking to making good games and focusing on entertainment and fun rather than trying to adhere to the SJW agenda.

He bluntly rolls out the facts, saying…

“Nintendo just makes video games that are fun and enjoyable, and they try new things, and they don’t have to be political in any sort of way. The developers don’t have to push some political message, or attack their fans and call them racist, and babies and whiners. The people at Nintendo don’t get on their high horse and try to jerk off onto the rest of us. They just make video games.


“I want game developers to just make video games. I don’t go to football games to be protested at. I don’t play video games to have an agenda forced on me. I go to football games to be entertained. I play video games to be entertained.”

This is a sentiment every real gamer adheres to. They just want to be left alone to play the games they paid for. That’s it.

The Intersectional Inquisition will not leave gamers alone, though. And just by speaking out against their agenda The Act Man has now put himself in their targeting range like a deer caught in the cross-hairs of a Bors System Leupold Scope on a Barret 82A1 sniper rifle.

Hopefully The Act Man holds firm in his integrity, and steels his intestinal fortitude in case the minions of the Social Justice Stasi decide to pay his reputation a visit.


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