Subverse Blasts Past Kickstarter Goal In Three Days, Proving Gamers Love RPGs With Big Jiggly Boobs

FOW Interactive made a brief update on the crowdfunding status of the adult-oriented space-adventure RPG, Subverse, announcing that the game has surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $131,000. In just the span of three days they’ve managed to accrue $171,478 from 3,714 backers.

In the update posted on March 26th, 2019, the developers informed the community that Subverse managed to hit a couple of major milestones in the stretch goals after zipping past the initial $131,000 marker. What does this mean? It means the team will add in a couple of new characters, including the Squidgirl character… who will surely add some tentacular action to the game.

The catgirl, Taron, has also been unlocked, adding a feisty feline option to the waifu crew member line-up. And additional animation sequences that take place during the CG sex scenes.

There’s a reason to rejoice and it’s basically because it proves that there’s ample demand from the community for an adult-oriented RPG with actual gameplay and big, jiggly boobs (among many other perversely classy elements).

Subverse is a rare breed of projects that actually attempts to combine space exploration, turn-based combat, twin-stick shooting segments, and visual novel romance options into one big pot of gameplay-prolific perversion.

It’s an uncommon thing to see the admixture of adult content into an actual game that wasn’t trying to subversive or push an agenda, especially a game of the caliber and quality of Subverse. The core systems for the gameplay are already finished, and FOW Interactive has plans on getting the Early Access version of the game up and out by summer of 2019.

SJWs, so-called “Progressives”, and the games media can rant all day long about how sexy fan-service games don’t sell, but I think if you pitch gamers a title that looks quality-made with the right amount of high-impact boob exposure, they will throw money at the screen all day long, and Subverse seems to be proof of that.

You can look for Subverse to launch into Early Access in all its uncensored glory on the Steam store this summer.

Keep in mind that the game still has a long ways to go before the crowdfunding drives end, so if you wanted to contribute to the cause you can do so by visiting the Kickstarter page, where – as of the writing of this article – they still have 34 days left on the clock.

(Thanks for the news tip Richard Pell)


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