Subverse Is Studio FOW’s Adult-Oriented Space-Faring RPG And It’s On Kickstarter Right Now

You know how Leftists, Liberals, pro-censorship advocates, anti-free speech connoisseurs, and Social Justice Warriors keep telling normal people that if they don’t like how every platform is censoring, banning, barring, shutting down, or restricting content that they should just make their own? Well, Studio Fow is doing just that with Subverse, an adult RPG-SHMUP mash-up that combines actual twin-stick shooting gameplay, turn-based tactical combat, and visual novel-style interactions into a mish-mash of super-sexy content that Studio Fow has become notorious for.

The trailer was initially going to air during GDC but obviously the Liberal-themed convention was not going to allow an outfit like Studio Fow onto the premises to host a panel about anime tiddies.

However, they still managed to get the word out with a tweet.

If you can’t view the moderately safe for work trailer through the post, there’s a more adequate, HD trailer made available over on the Kickstarter page for the game Subverse.

In traditional Studio F.O.W., fashion, the game features high-quality cinematic sequences, as well as unlockable sex scenes with the cast of lovely ladies that make up your ship’s crew.

The game is basically like a mix of Tripping The Rift meets Mass Effect, combined with all of the depraved antics one would expect from Studio F.O.W’s SFM films.

You’ll be accompanied by some super hot crewmates in the form of a sexbot, a Tracer-wannabe who is a hacker, a red monster girl, and a doctor with some huge ‘ole jiggly tiddies.

The game was borne out of Studio F.O.W’s deep research into developing a new Unreal Engine animation pipeline for advanced tiddy physics. They eventually decided to stop dicking around and create their own game that would fill the gaping hole of creativity left void by so many other developers who pulled out of the adult gaming genre early to pursue safer pastures in mobile development or pachinko machines for Japanese publishers.

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Studio F.O.W., decided that it was time to put the cum back into cumulative creativity and bring gamers a multi-genre space-faring adventure that includes SHMUP-oriented space combat, as well as on-foot segments featuring turn-based combat using your space crew, and top it all off with some sex-fueled interactions between you and your crew as you unlock titillating animated sequences. Since their Patreon page got nuked a while back, they decided to take their project to Kickstarter to crowdfund this mish-mash of all the right ideas come together in a lascivious soup of digital ingenuity by the laureates of licentiousness.

Subverse has 38 days to go before the Kickstarter wraps up and they have a $132,000 goal to reach. They’ve already accrued more than $8,460 as of the writing of this article, and I suspect they’ll garner a lot more before the break of dawn. If you want to see a company bring their sexy-time prowess to the actual gaming market in the form a real RPG experience with high-quality cinematic sexcapades, due your duty and contribute to the ever-expanding high society of Boner Culture by visiting the Kickstarter page and pledging today.

The only risky part about this project is that they plan on submitting the game to Steam. Hopefully they submit a censored version to Steam and release an R18+ patch later so they don’t end up on the Waifu Holocaust 2.0 banned list.

(Thanks for the news tip Richard Pell)


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