Subverse Will Launch On Steam Uncensored, But Studio F.O.W. Has A Contingency Plan Just In Case
Subverse Uncensored

Studio F.O.W., or the video game arm known as FOW Interactive, recently announced their space-adventure RPG, Subverse. It’s an adult-themed mixture between Mass Effect, XCOM and Star Control, with a healthy dose of R18+ cinematics that Studio F.O.W., has become infamous for. One of the things that had gamers a little on edge is that they made it known during the announcement that Subverse would be launching on Steam… uncensored.

Given that Valve is engaged in the Waifu Holocaust 2.0, where a lot of (mostly Asian) developers are seeing their games get banned or denied release on Steam, many gamers began suggesting to Studio F.O.W., to consider releasing Subverse censored on Steam and then later release an R18+ patch off-site, which is how some developers are doing it these days. According to Studio F.O.W’s creative director, DC, they’re going all in with an uncensored build but they also noted that if Valve decides to creatively finagle them, they have a contingency plan, writing in the Kickstarter comment section

“We plan to launch uncensored as the game has been cleared by Valve and contains no extreme content that would violate their terms and conditions. We also have contingency plans in place if GabeN decides to be a dick.”

Sounds like they’ve already got that well under control.

You can also visit the Steam store page right now, which features some screenshots of the game, the cinematics, and the Kickstarter pitch video.

There’s also a hilariously censored screenshot of some lens flare censorship that they say is provided by Sony.

Subverse Censorship

The dig at Sony is in relation to Sony’s PS4 censorship policies, where they have been forcing Japanese developers to censor fan-service or remove certain features such as interactive modes where you can fondle or touch 3D characters, including the Intimacy Mode from Senran Kagura games, which is no longer allowed on PlayStation platforms. A lot of times the developers have had to censor their games by using what Japanese refer to as the “mysterious lights”, like the light beam to censor Trish’s butt in Devil May Cry 5 in the West.

The full version of Subverse won’t contain any censorship, though. And as DC mentioned, the game is steering clear of some of the more extreme content that Studio F.O.W., have included in their works.

Right now, they seem to be tracking in a very positive direction with the Kickstarter campaign, which has garnered $50,000 out of a grand total of $132,000 that they’re trying to raise in order to complete the game by summer of 2019 this year. They still have 37 days to go for the crowdfunding drive, so they’re making great headway and they could very well end up hitting the stretch goals before the month is out.

All of the core components of the game are complete, but they still have to put it all together and finalize the cinematics, interactive sequences, and voice acting. You can contribute to the cause by visiting the Kickstarter page.

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