Super Real Mahjong PV Nintendo Switch Censorship Called Into Question
Super Real Mahjong PV Censorship

After Super Real Mahjong PV was delayed, gamers began to worry if the delay had anything to do with censoring the strip sequences in the game. In the original 1995 release on the Sega Saturn the game was fully uncensored with complete nudity. However, with the game set to come out on the Nintendo Switch, it appears as if the porthouse, Mighty Craft, did delay the game to censor the naughty bits.

On March 8th, 2019 a short e-mail exchange between Famitsu and developer Mighty Craft was published on the Famitsu website. The outlet decided to outright ask about the undressing scenes in the game, noting that in today’s climate it might be difficult to port the Sega Saturn version of the game being uncensored. Mighty Craft responded by saying…

“For the Nintendo Switch release, as one would expect from the current state of the visuals, it’s not possible to have some sections appear, as some parts can’t be seen due to certain measures being in place.”

This response was so vague and inconclusive that Famitsu had to follow up after a pause, and simply outright ask if the counter measures they were talking about would consist of the mysterious “white lights” appearing in the Nintendo Switch version of Super Real Mahjong PV. The “white lights” are often used mockingly by Japanese to refer to Sony’s PS4 censorship policies, where certain games censored out the imagery by using giant white lights from a mysterious source.

Mighty Craft gave a non-committal response, saying…

“As previously mentioned, regarding the way we’re processing the visual appearance of the game, there is no discrepancy.”

Famitsu decided to move on to another topic after that exchange.

There appears to be an avoidance of acknowledging the game’s censorship… or perhaps, they’re taking certain measures to ensure that the game doesn’t appear with a CERO Z rating, and maybe that was what they were referring to regarding the “measures” being in place? For those of you who don’t know, the CERO Z rating in Japan is the equivalent of the AO – Adults Only rating in the West. Most developers attempt to avoid it at all costs as it is seen as a death knell for their product.

It’s not clear if this is what Mighty Craft was trying to avoid or if they were referencing some other measures.

It’s possible that they could be talking about something a lot more technically mundane. For instance, the measures could be referencing the actual visuals from the Sega Saturn version, which were low-resolution and pretty jagged. So technically they would be right in saying that the visuals couldn’t be used in their current state, or in the same way, if they were planning on upping the resolution or making the game more HD-compliant.

It’s tough to tell right now but it doesn’t quite sound like Super Real Mahjong PV on the Nintendo Switch will be as raw as its Sega Saturn counterpart. We’ll find out just what sort of censorship is in place, if it is at all, on March 14th, 2019 when the game releases on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch.

(Thanks for the news tip Noriyuki Works)


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