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Super Real Mahjong PV Pulled From Switch eShop For Nudity That Wasn’t Compliant With CERO

The Nintendo Switch Japanese exclusive of Super Real Mahjong PV was recently pulled from the Nintendo eShop for falling out of compliance with CERO. The Japanese ratings board doesn’t allow for visible nudity to be made available in games released within Japan. Well, gamers were able to spot some nipple slippage being present in Super Real Mahjong PV on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, which is a port of the Sega Saturn version that released uncensored back in 1995. Mighty Craft’s censorship for the Switch version was somewhat lazily done and CERO wasn’t too happy about it.

Gematsu is reporting that Mighty Craft made a post over on their official website on March 18th, 2019, where they informed gamers why Super Real Mahjong PV was pulled from the Nintendo eShop, writing…

“Today, Nintendo contacted us about temporarily halting the distribution of Super Real Mahjong PV.


“The reason for this is that the restriction on the presentation of certain imagery was not sufficient enough. Also, we received a similar notification from CERO who identified this issue with the game as well.


“At present, we’re checking the game and taking action to make the appropriate corrections, while also prepping to have Nintendo reexamine the game moving forward.


“As soon as the examination period is complete, we will release the revised patch.”

MightyCraft plans on releasing the patch soon and getting the game back up on the Nintendo eShop within a week’s time.

For those of you wondering what the offending images were, and where the censorship supposedly failed, Sankaku Complex posted up a short video clip of the censorship that MightyCraft haphazardly applied, where you could still see some of the girls’ nipples. As you know, this is against the regulation of CERO, who do not allow for full nudity to be on display in games released within Japan.

The minor nipple slip was embraced with amusement among Japanese gamers, but it obviously put Mighty Craft in a bad spot with CERO.

After the issue was brought to CERO and Nintendo’s attention, the game was removed from the Nintendo eShop temporarily until the issue could be fixed.

In the original Sega Saturn release of Super Real Mahjong PV back in 1995, before the formation of CERO, nudity was allowed and embraced by Japanese gaming culture. You can see the full uncensored version from the Saturn in the 15 minute video below.

Famitsu had previously asked Mighty Craft about the kind of censorship they were going to apply to Super Real Mahjong PV on the Nintendo Switch.

Interestingly enough, Mighty Craft mentioned that they would be keeping all of the images from the original Sega Saturn version (in which case they did), but opted to avoid to say how they would be adapting the game to fit today’s regulation. Well, now we can see that they had applied the mysterious white beams of light, but didn’t completely cover up the girls’ naughty bits, leading to some trouble with CERO and Nintendo.

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