Tekken Director Katsuhiro Harada Is Tired Of SJWs Getting Offended About Cultural Stereotypes

Tekken 7

When it comes to making characters in video games, they’re oftentimes put under a microscope fashioned to find offense by scrutineers known as the Intersectional Inquisition. In most common circles we refer to these people as Social Justice Warriors; their minions are oftentimes called “NPCs” due to their unwillingness to think for themselves or employ any kind of self-reflection to indulge in individualism. This usually leads to members of the Intersectional Inquisition condemning the creators for their work, either to shame them into changing it or removing it. Tekken 7 director and producer, Katsuhiro Harada, has just come out and said that he’s tired of these people and their offense culture.

Harada-san was responding to a user on Twitter asking if one of the next characters might be a traditional Nordic warrior, someone who is brute and uncompromising – a modern day Viking apposite of an era filled with the promotion of beta-male culture.

Harada responded with a series of tweets on March 14th, 2019, explaining…

“I’d like to challenge such a theme design. However, the time has come when the challenge is very difficult. Because there are people who complain about characteristic design as “This is a stereotype!”


“The individual (or culture) identity will become homogenized. Perhaps everyone around the world should just wear T-shirts and jeans. The shirts should be plain, with nothing on it. If there is a design, it could offend someone somewhere, right?


“I’ve become quite tired of trying to avoid causing potential offense issues.”

Harada ran into a similar problem before with Lucky Chloe in Tekken 7, where some people – mostly NeoGaf, back when it was known as being an SJW hive – complained about her being too kawaii, or too cutesy as a Japanese-designed character.

Harada joked that he would sneak her into the game by making a big muscly character and then having her bust out of him to reveal that it was Lucky Chloe.


Outside of Tekken, SJWs have complained about a number of games “culturally appropriating” other themes from other cultures. One of the more recent examples of this faux outrage was at Sony’s E3 2018 press conference, where SJWs claimed that a non-Japanese man playing the shakuhachi during the stage presentation was “cultural appropriation”, as detailed by Indy100.

Anyway, it makes sense what Harada is saying. He’s constantly pelted by SJWs to tone down the content or change characters, or to be more politically correct. Unlike Yohei Shimbori from Team Ninja – who tried playing both sides of the culture war and failed miserably, not only pissing off fans and still getting lambasted by Social Justice activists pretending to be game reviewers – Katsuhiro Harada has not kowtowed to the Social Justice Warriors in any capacity.

The upside to this mentality is that Tekken 7 is a sales powerhouse, and has managed to move well over 3 million copies, as reported by Destructoid.

The good part is that Harada ended his mini-tirade by responding to a fan who mentioned that SJWs don’t represent the customers (it’s true, they don’t) and that he should stick to making whatever he wants to make. Harada concurred, stating that in the end, he  will choose to do what he wants to do.

Right on.

(Thanks for the news tip Ebicentre)

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