The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 4 Walkthrough And Choices
The Walking Dead The Final Episode Episode 4 Walkthrough

Well, this is it folks. Telltale Games’ seven year journey has finally come to an end, for better or for worse. While Telltale itself has basically become nothing but a decomposing shell, much like the walkers in the games based on Skybound’s graphic novels, at least the series managed to make it to its finale… alebit struggling, hobbling, and crawling to its destination. For those of you who picked up a copy of the final episode, which is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, there’s a walkthrough guide for The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 4.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has a walkthrough for their version of The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episde 4: Take Us Back, which covers some of the choices and decisions you can make that will unlock one of the multiple endings in the game. You can view it below.

Keep in mind that the decisions you make throughout the previous three episodes carry over into the finale.

After a short recap of your decisions you’ll be present with where the third episode left off after the boat exploded.

Follow the quicktime event and rescue AJ before he falls. You’ll then have to encourage AJ to make the leap to the other side of the boat to get to the pier.

The Walking Dead Final Season - Violet Face Bitten

Again, follow the quicktime events to get Clemetine across the exploding boat and onto the canopy on the pier.

You can acquire Marlon’s bow after you kill him by following the quicktime events once more.

Alternatively, if you didn’t have AJ kill Lilly in Episode 3, Lilly will still be alive escaping on a raft. You can choose to keep antagonizing Lilly or let her drift away. You can see the alternate choices in the video below.

If in the alternative path you helped save Louis instead of Violet, then Violet will lose her eyes in the explosion and Louis will still have his tongue, enabling him to speak.

Louis will rescue Clementine and AJ. You can encourage Louis after rescuing Clem and AJ.

As Clementine, you’ll need to use the arrow to save Violet and shoot one of the walkers to help them escape.

Shoot violet to cue a cinematic, which results in the horse taking off and leaving Clementine and AJ behind.

You’ll need to walk slowly in between the zombies to avoid being bitten. Use ‘B’ on the Xbox controller to kick the zombies in the shin or ‘Circle’ on the DualShock controller to trip them up.

Once inside the cave you’ll need to make a torch. There’s a flint on the ground you can use just to the left of where you come in.

The Walking Dead Final Season - Louis To The rescue

Head down to the edge of the river bank and you’ll find a dry cloth and a stick. Use the flint, cloth, and stick to create a storch so you can finally get across the the riverbank. But first you need to push the log over at the corner of the cave.

Head across the log to get to the other side.

During the cave segment, you can talk to James as he attempts to take AJ away. You can attempt to talk James down, but AJ will cut him with a rock.

AJ will say that he enjoyed killing Lilly. You’ll have the choice of saying that he’s scaring Clementine or that it isn’t what you taught him.

Keep in mind that what you’ve taught AJ throughout the previous episodes will carry over into what he will say in the cave.

AJ will say he enjoyed killing Lilly, at which point you can choose to tell him that he can’t talk like that or that survival isn’t everything or that he’s never killing again.

The Walking Dead Final Season - James Blood

During a short scuffle you’ll be able to talk to James (assuming he didn’t die during the end of the last episode) about his philosophy of not killing walkers. You can attempt to talk him down but he will run away and leave.

Alternatively, if you tell AJ not to kill Lilly then she will kill James and then James will turn into a zombie. Inside the cave AJ will lose it and get angry about all the times that Clementine killed or injured people.

When AJ sees James as a zombie he will be angry about all of the decisions leading up to their moment in the cave, and you’ll have to talk to him about the differences between killing to survive and murdering people.

The Walking Dead Final Season - James As A Zombie

AJ will then ask if he can make decisions to determine if people are good or bad. You’ll have the choice of either accepting or rejecting AJ’s proposal.

If you accept AJ’s proposal then it will grow his confidence. If you reject his proposal it will dampen his confidence.

Tenn will then mention about the people who voted for AJ and Clem to stay at the school, and then Violet will meet back up with the group and talk about how she pushed everyone away. If you tell Violet that Clemntine had trust issues as well, she will remember that. You’ll also be able to rename Ericson Boarding School. You can either pick a name or have Violet name the school.

Alternatively, if you befriended Louis and prevented him from losing his tongue (but if he still loses his pinky) he will join up with Clementine and AJ just outside the cave.

The Walking Dead Final Season - Minnie Is Dying

The kids will reach a bridge and you’ll have to deal with the walkers and Minnie.

You can attempt to kill some of the walkers, but Minnie will fire at Clementine.

You’ll need to hide from Minnie’s fire and shoot the zombies from across the truck.

During the fight with Mnnie, Clementine will get her leg cut by the axe. Tennessee will attempt to save Minnie, and Violet will attempt to save Tennessee.

If you trusted AJ to make the hard decisions then he will kill Tenn. If you didn’t trust AJ then Violet or Louis will get killed but Tennessee will live.

If AJ kills Tennessee then only AJ, Violet (or Louis), and Clementine will make it across the bridge. However, during the climb up the rocks, Clementine will get bit by a walker.

The Walking Dead Final Season - Barn Troubles

During the walk towards James’ barn, you can either tell AJ to stop thinking about it, that Clementine will be okay, or “I love you”.

You’ll have to direct the duo into the barn where an intense sequence plays out where you’ll need to use AJ to close the doors and use Clementine to shoot the zombies.

After the barn fight, you’ll need to give AJ his final instructions after he says he wants to stay. You’ll have one final choice to either have AJ kill Clementine or leave her.

The Walking Dead Final Season - Kill Me Leave Me

After making the choice, there’s a flashback sequence that shows what happened between Season 3 and Season 4, after Clementine left to go find AJ.

The flashback sees Clementine massacring the people inside of a fort in order to rescue AJ.

Clementine makes her way through the corridors to the nursery – after killing the nursemaid, take the locker key out of her hand and rescue AJ from the locker using the key.

After the flashback ends, you’ll play as AJ hunting fish in the river.

AJ is with the dog, which you can talk to briefly.

Inside the cabin you can pick up the skull fragment on the ground and put the spear away on the shelf.

Clementine’s hat will float by in the river; you can attempt to grab it but Rosie will fetch it for AJ.

On the way back home AJ will encounter a zombified Tenn wandering in the woods.

The Walking Dead Final Season - Tough Choices

You’ll have the choice of picking AJ’s reason for killing Tenn, or you can have him reiterate Clementine’s maxim to “Always aim for the head”.

Alternatively, if you didn’t shoot Tenn then Louis/Violet will die and Tenn will meet with AJ in the forest and apologize about messing up. Tenn will also recover Clementine’s hat.

The end sequence sees AJ walking back to the school where he takes the fish back to the academy.

Aasim ends up hooking up with the fat girl, and it turns out that Clementine didn’t die, she just had her leg amputated, so she turns into a cripple. AJ amputates her leg instead of killing her if you choose to trust him back in the cave.

AJ will also be able to talk to Violet about what happened to Tenn, assuming you allowed AJ to kill him.

AJ and Clementine will also talk about whether she did a good job finding them a safe place to live. Once you get done talking, head back to the room inside the dormitory, and you can check out the room. When you’re finished looking at stuff in the room, place Clementine’s hat on the desk to end the game.

The Walking Dead Final Season - Thanks For Playing


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