Weekly Recap March 16th: PUBG Illegal In India, Lolis Vindicated By Danish, Steam vs Epic
Weekly Recap

This was big ‘ole juicy week for culture war news. A shooter tried accelerating division in order to spark a race war around the world. Certain districts in India have outlawed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and have begun arresting people playing the game. And the often hated lolis found themselves being vindicated from an unlikely ally in the Danes.

Hilariously enough a U.N., official was also caught molesting a teenage boy, even though the U.N., wanted to classify anime and hentai under their proposal to prohibit material that exploits children. And Valve and Epic have faced off in another showdown over user data, this time Epic was caught sifting through Steam’s user data, and now Valve is investigating. Oh boy this is going to get juicy. These stories and more in this March 16th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Lolis Don’t Turn You Into A Real Life Pedo Molestor

SJWs hate that an old Danish report indicates that looking at lolis, shotas, and anime does not turn you into a sexual assaulter of children. A new bill introduced by a Florida Republican Senator wants to prevent Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit from censoring people using nebulous terms like “hate speech”. It’s kind of the opposite of a British politician who blamed Google, YouTube, Twitter, video games, and pornography for the knife crimes committed by migrants in the U.K. The lens flare censorship that covered up Lady’s amazing booty has been removed thanks to an ini tweak for Devil May Cry 5. This means that during the cinematics you’ll get a full look at Lady’s bare, juicy bottom. The Epic Games Store exclusivity wars continue, this time with Epic managing to get their hands on Shakedown: Hawaii, securing the game for a whole year. And YouTuber SidAlpha found himself on the wrong side of an SJW barrage trying to attack him for criticizing Valve for banning the game Rape Day. SJWs went so far as to call him a rape apologist and attempt to go after his child.


PUBG Banned In India For Being Too Violent

PUBG was banned in certain cities in India for being too violent and addictive, proving that the slippery slope is anything but a fallacy. Nude mods have appeared for Devil May Cry 5’s trio of lovely ladies, putting Trish, Lady, and Nico in their birthday suits. A series of bans took place, including Amazon banning the book The Culture of Critique, YouTube banning a review of Cross Love – Episode 1, and YouTube deleting a video of a dating sim from Jesse Cox’s channel. Super Real Mahjong PV on the Nintendo Switch might be censored, but we’re not entirely sure. Death Stranding is ever-so-slightly delayed. And The Grey director Joe Carnahan called Neil Druckmann a jerk-off, because he really is. Oh, and Halo The Master Chief Collection is coming to Steam with keyboard and mouse support, along with 4K UHD support.


Steam Bans Anime-Style Visual Novel Set In College

Valve is ramping up the censorship of various anime and visual novel games, this time targeting the game My Girlfriend, which is set in a college. Even still they banned the game. They also followed it up by banning Moe Reversi again and also banning a game called Domination Quest. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet is even more censored on the PS4 than on the Nintendo Switch, so if you want the uncensored version you have to give Nintendo your hard earned shekels. The new DOOM: Annihilation has managed to get the attention of id Software, or rather not warrant their attention, as the developers have clearly distanced themselves from the film. And SJWs managed to not only get lawyer Nick Rekieta temporarily banned from Twitter, they’ve also been intent on getting the game The Virgin banned from all social media services.


U.N. Official Arrested For Dick-Dongling Boy While U.N. Tries To Ban Lolis

A nice, big, juicy piece of hypocritical pie was served up to the United Nations when one of their officials was arrested for fondling a 17-year-old teenage boy’s dick. This comes at a time where the United Nations just recently proposed a draft to end child exploitation, which included banning lolis and anime. Tumblr got hit with the comeuppance pie when they lost more than 84 million views within a month after they permanently banned porn from the platform. Game journalists have taken aim at Days Gone, whining and complaining about the main hero being a straight, white male. Meanwhile Valve continues the war against anime, this time targeting the yuri visual novel Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! from MangaGamer, with the game getting indefinitely delayed due to being stuck in review purgatory. A new co-op shooter is on the way from Turtle Rock Studios called Back 4 Blood, which is likely going to be very similar to Left 4 Dead. And the Epic Games Store was caught datamining Steam metadata from users’ computers, but Epic’s head honchos have stated that the data isn’t being sent to Tencent.


PewdiePie Blamed For New Zealand Shooting

Review bombs will no longer appear as part of the review aggregate by default for games on Steam. Valve disabled them from affecting the aggregate, and now gamers have to opt-out of the new feature, which censors out the tally of review bombs. On a similar topic, Valve is also investigating the Epic Games Store for datamining user data from Steam. Some worried that Epic is sending the data to the Chinese. Others are worried that Epic is violating Valve’s terms of service. Independent journalists cataloging data about the New Zealand shooting are being censored by Twitter, with various photos and information being blocked from being seen by the public. And the developers of Axiom Verge have claimed that Badland Games owe them $200,000 in a publishing deal over the physical version of the game for the Wii U. Oh yeah, and a bunch of corrupt journalists blamed PewDiePie for the shooting that took place in New Zealand, basically falling into the hands of what the shooter wanted in an attempt to start the Race War.


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