Weekly Recap March 23rd: New Zealand Censorship Lockdown, Google Stadia Is Like Onlive 2.0

Weekly Recap

What would 2019 be without some kind of flagrant censorship to strip away your rights like Hollywood strips away the dignity of a young starlet on a casting couch? Well, one of the biggest forms of censorship the year has seen so far was exercised by none other than the New Zealand governmetn who has been forcing ISPs to block websites from being accessed by users that might contain the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto or the 17 minute video. The government proceeded to have 4chan, 8chan, Kiwi Farms, Voat, and Bitchute blocked from being accessed since they allowed users to discuss and view some of the shooter’s material.

Later into the the week Google announced the anti-gamer streaming service for video games called Stadia. Basically, think of all the worse parts about the original Xbox One unveil but then multiplay it by SJWism squared and divide that by the masculinity of a soy boy, and you’ll get Stadia. This piece of streaming tech strips gamers of all their rights, leaving them with nothing but a State controlled – oops, I mean Google controlled streaming service where you don’t own anything but the controller. Oh yeah, and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 was announced, but it’s filled to the brim with SJW nonsense, because of course. These stories and more in this March 23rd, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


New Zealand Shooting Spree Censorship

The New Zealand government is going on a censorship spree to block access to the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto and live-stream video footage. The police have even gone so far as to request information from the Kiwifarms administrator. New Zealand ISPs are also blocking access to sites like Bitchute, 4chan, 8chan, and Liveleak in order to prevent people from accessing the video or the manifesto. In result, various advertisers have also pulled out of Facebook and Google for not censoring the manifesto and video fast enough. In lighter news, there’s a petition to stop Marvel from making the lead character in the upcoming live-action adaptation of The Eternals gay. The publishers at Badland Games have acknowledged the money they owe to the developers of Axiom Verge and have said that they will pay the money back as soon as they can. And the release of One Piece: World Seeker in North America is missing some key content, specifically the hot springs mission that’s available in Europe and Asia.


Google Stadia Aims To Strip Away Consumer Gaming Rights

Google finally unveiled their gaming solution and it’s called the Stadia, a simple streaming service that’s basically Onlive that’s seven years too late. In fact, Google basically dug up the corpse, slapped it on an old blue and white floral dress and some bad stockings, and trotted it onto the gaming dance floor like some kind of fetid necro-fetish throwback to Weekend at Bernie’s. Basically, if you enjoy dancing with a smelly old corpse, you’ll enjoy Stadia. And speaking of corpses… Atari announced that the Atari VCS has been delayed into the fourth quarter of 2019 in order to receive a power upgrade. ResetEra and other journalists have targeted Reuben Langdon and Joey Camen from Devil May Cry 5 in hopes of getting them fired. The Dead or Alive sub-reddit has permanently banned all lewds of Honoka, NiCO, and Marie Rose. The reason Apex Legends became as popular as it did was because EA paid streamers up to $1 million to all stream the game on the day of its release, which is how they managed to get 10 million registered users so quickly. YouTube permanently banned Nutaku’s channel. And a Disney cosplay group will ban anyone who attempts to alter their skin color by making it darker for a costume, because they consider it to be offensive and “blackface”.


Jim Jefferies Gets Outed For Being A Hypocritical Scumbag Who Actually Hates Muslims

Jim Jefferies has been opining about opening up the borders to let in radical Muslims into mostly white countries in order to displace them, supporting the Globalists’ agenda. However, it turns out that Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies actually hates Muslims, and it was revealed in hidden footage. The race traitor finally got exposed as the hypocrite that he is. In more delicious schadenfreude, a group of SJWs attempted to get a card game pulled from an RPG store, but they failed… miserably. And in more delicious SJW-ownage news, Australian developer John Kane got outed as yet another anti-#GamerGate, male-feminist, pro-SJW sex pest. And even more delicious news, Syfy’s queer-woke series Wyonna Earp is causing IDW to go broke, so it’s been put on indefinite hold. As for negative news, some washed up indie dev took aim at #GamerGate and the gaming community during a GDC IGF speech, blaming them for the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting. And a bunch of highly anticipated games have all been made Epic Games Store timed exclusives.



Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Was Announced… But It’s Made By SJWs

Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit Labs announced that Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is in development and scheduled to release in 2020, some 16 years after the original game came out. As excited as a lot of fans are about this development, there’s a huge caveat: it’s being made by a bunch of Seattle-dwelling SJWs. And speaking of SJWs, New Zealand outfit Whitcoulls has pulled all sales of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life in the wake of the Christchurch shooting because they consider it to be extremist… yet they continue to sell Mein Kampf. If you thought that Epic Games Store might pick up some of the banned games from Steam, think again. They refuse to carry porn games, AO rated games, and “hate” games. Speaking of the EGS, some fans are now worried that BioMutant might end up being an Epic Games Store exclusive since the devs refuse to answer any questions about it. And in a guest editorial, Chaotic Thinker laid out the discrimination that Japanese developers are currently facing during this censorious times in the gaming industry that is affecting Japanese titles in a very negative way.

What It’s Like Working At Valve

There’s a lengthy half hour video discussing what it’s like working at Valve, and the ups and downs of the company’s flat structure. They explain that a lot of what they do can be quite rewarding and beneficial, but that there’s also a lot of high school politics involved, and that at times the lack of a traditional hierarchy can truly cause problems. It may also give some insight as to how and why something like the Waifu Holocaust 2.0 has been allowed to persist for as long as it has. Meanwhile, Sega has completely removed Pierre Taki’s character from the Western version of Judgment on the PS4, and they have up until June 25th to properly replace him before the game releases in North America and Europe. Spike Chunsoft’s Crystar‘s intro has been censored for the Western release on PS4 and Steam, but whether the rest of the game gets hit with the censorship remains to be seen. Sony will be embracing a State of Play event, which is like a Nintendo Direct, but for PlayStation products. And the Google Stadia will punish players who engage in “toxic” behavior, which likely won’t bold too well given that it’s been revealed that Google is complete converged in SJWism.