Weekly Recap March 2nd: Twitter Wages War On Anime, THQ Gets Oppressed By The Intersectional Inquisition
Weekly Recap

The end of February and beginning of March maintained the explosive edge that is 2019, which is basically like an emo 14-year-old who just discovered Molly, razors, internet porn, self-loathing, Napalm Death and the 2008 version of 4chan before it was taken over by the mentally deranged shut-ins who frequent ResetEra. We saw a wide range of censorship drop this past week, we saw THQ Nordic becoming mad lads and paying the ultimate price, and we saw Twitter flexing their blue furry muscles against weebs in the continued war on anime.

But the real highlight was seeing journalists freak out when THQ Nordic took a trip to the ghetto of the internet known as 8chan. Further seeing the corrupt journalists throw a hissy fit on social media over the whole 8chan thing, as if they were just sponge-fed wet cow manure for breakfast, was an even better delight. Unfortunately, THQ couldn’t weather the storm when big-hit players like Microsoft interfered with their business and applied pressure on them to delete any tweets referencing 8chan, and forced them to apologize for the AMA. It was a real wild ride this week, but you’ll find these stories and so much more in this truly jam-packed March 2nd, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap here at One Angry Gamer.


Dev Kowtows To Angry Chinese Gamers For Mocking Xi Jinping

Angry Chinese gamers review bombed the game Devotion because there was an Easter Egg in the game mocking Chinese president Xi Jinping. The Easter Egg did not go over well with Chinese gamers, who proceeded to review bomb Red Candle Games’ titles on Steam, and the publisher dropped the developer and stopped distributing their game in the mainland, forcing Red Candle to kowtow and apologize to the angry Chinese. YouTube has maintained their censorious ways, first by disabling all the comments across Chadtronic’s videos, and then by completely deleting Don Shipley’s YouTube channel, which outed various individuals who had stolen valor and proclaimed to have served in the military when they didn’t. And the FTC will host an open forum later in the year to discuss loot boxes with industry groups, parents, and consumer advocates.


Twitter Now Bans Any Lewd Art For Anime Characters Under 18

Tanking your reputation for the sake of a movie that a lot of don’t want to see seems like a bad idea, but that’s exactly what Rotten Tomatoes is doing on behalf of Captain Marvel by removing any negative audience feedback on the upcoming super hero flick. Fallout 76 is still creating drama and causing heart ache for the last few remaining people still putting in time and energy into the game. Twitter has gone full-bore censorship menace, banning anime art and drawings of characters depicted under the age of 18, which has vastly affected a lot of artists, forcing many Japanese to abandon the platform in favor of greener pastures located over on Pawoo. And GAB’s Dissenter now allows anyone, anywhere to post a comment on any webpage across the internet by using the free browser extension. It’s glorious.


Journalists Shard Feces-Laden Insults All Over Twitter Because THQ Had An AMA With 8Chan

In one of the most childish, ridiculous, infantile stories of the year, game journalists managed to get THQ Nordic to trend on social media after they began ripping into the publisher for having an AMA with the fine folks over on 8chan. The pressure and assault became so bad that they had to issue an apology, but even that wasn’t enough, as the founder of the Video Game History organization, Frank Cifaldi, tried to get Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, to pull out their support for THQ Nordic in hopes of making them go bankrupt. The Skyrim Together SKSE gets pulled into some drama over potential legal issues due to use of code and accepting payments. Valve banned five more sexy-time games, but this time it was done under the guise that the publishers had engaged in review manipulation, but not everyone trusted the reasons for the ban, believing that this was still part of Ruymen’s rogue employee antics to keep waging war on the waifus. And GOG.com had to lay off a dozen employees due to being in financial straits.


Microsoft’s Shannon Loftis Pressures THQ Nordic To Take Down AMA Tweet

General managers from other publishing outfits bombarded THQ Nordic’s social media profile to force them to take down a tweet advertising an AMA on 8chan, this included Microsoft Studio Publishing’s Shannon Loftis. It definitely looked like an FTC violation from where everyone with common sense was standing. Speaking of the FTC, IGN was called out for hosting affiliate links within its articles without disclosing the fact that they are indeed hosting affiliate links within their articles. In a weird bit of news, former Hollywood superstar Macaulay Culkin has returned to the entertainment business, this time as the executive producer over the upcoming crowdfunded release of Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove. Ace Combat 7 managed to get off to a pretty good start in Asia, moving 500,000 copies in that region alone. Oh, and even though Rotten Tomatoes tried to protect the sanctity of Captain Marvel/a> from evil comments, movie aficionados found a way around that with the Dissenter Extension.

VR Kanojo And Nearly A Dozen Other Sexy-Time Games Banned From Steam

It’s in full swing guys, the Waifu Holocaust is back upon us in a big way. Steam is still banning games for undefined reasons and one of them briefly included VR Kanojo, one of the best selling VR games on the platform. After an outcry from the fans, Valve restored the game, but kept other games banned. The latest season for Fortnite has dropped, giving gamers a look at what’s in store, including new weapons, content, and story elements. The Quartering had one of his sponsors axed from his channel after The Escapist did a hit-piece on the YouTuber, rallying up the SJWs to go after him. Every major company attending E3 2019 has been rolled out in a complete list. And after getting delayed by a month, it was discovered that the reason for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning’s delay was because the game had to become heavily censored compared to its Japanese release.

IGDA Member Gets Caught In Twitter Row After Making Racist Remark About Whites

There’s finally been some major backlash against someone using racist rhetoric against whites in the gaming industry. A member of IGDA Philippines was called out for her racist remarks about a white person, and it could cost her a spot on the IGDA membership list. And speaking of racists… there was a recent report revealing that PayPal actually does censor content based on suggestions from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a heavily Left-leaning disruption organization designed to destroy the fabric of Western values. And on the topic of censorship, YouTube will be censoring even more comment sections on videos that even remotely feature children or kids, regardless of what they’re doing. Tencent is now using facial recognition to prohibit gamers under the age of 13 from being able to play PUBG Mobile or other games that they deem inappropriate for anyone under the age of 12 from playing. Valve’s Artifact hasn’t been doing so great when it comes to retaining players. The online card game has had a difficult time maintaining at least 500 players a day. And in a hilarious twist, a black, gay, SJW had to censor his fictional book because it offended Albanian Muslims who felt as if his work about gay, black, oppressed SJWs residing in Kosovo during the Albanian genocide was oppressive toward their feelings. Ah, I love the smell of cooked SJWs eating each other in the morning.


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