Weekly Recap March 9th: Steam’s Rape Day, Anthem Bricks PS4s, Harada Puts SJWs In Their Place
Weekly Recap

Politicians are coming down hard on Valve over the game Rape Day that briefly appeared on Steam before being banned. Now the U.K., politicians want to protect all virtual women from all the kinds of violence that their real women suffer at the hands of imported cultural enrichment.

And speaking of cultural enrichment… the IGDA has been at the center of a rather salacious scenario involving a developer being harassed by a member of the IGDA, which has created quite the stir within the IGDA’s Philippines chapter. And if you were thinking about getting Anthem on PS4… well, you might want to think twice given that the game has been bricking consoles and putting gamers out of commission like the economy is putting agitprop bloggers out of work, forcing them to learn how to code. These stories and more in this March 9th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap here at One Angry Gamer.


BioWare Won’t Be Shutting Down Just Yet

Even though reports for Anthem’s sales haven’t been all that great, and even though a lot of people fear that BioWare is done for, the company has stated that things are still going okay for them and they won’t be shutting down… for now. After driving away many of their male customers, Gillette tried to win back their male patrons with a new ad they still managed to miss the mark by a wide margin. Some reports about Captain Marvel have indicated that theaters are full-up with nothing but Captain Marvel during the entire week of release. Others claim that this is just an elaborate conspiracy theory and the mouse isn’t trying to buy up the theater house. Some new games are in the works by Funcom based on the upcoming Dune reboot from Denis Villeneuve, the director of Blade Runner 2049. Apparently Kill la Kill won’t be censored on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but not everyone is convinced of that just yet. The PS Vita is officially dead, so you can stop showering it with praise because it’s now a silicon corpse. And Jehovah Justice Warriors put an end to a concert by Japanese singer Rekka Katakiri when they found out that she had sung a theme song for an adult ero PC game.


Tekken’s Katsuhiro Harada Is Tired Of SJWs

While the rest of the media looms around trying to find ways to whine and screech about cultural appropriation, offenses, sexism, and racism, Bandai Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada is just openly denouncing outrage culture. He hasn’t let it affect him too badly, though, as he’s still going to focus on making what he wants to make. On the opposite end of the spectrum, 343 Industries head honcho Bonnie Ross has explained that they’re focusing more on diversity to attract diversity, and we all probably know where that leads. One thing that the “diverse” Progressives don’t like are sexy women, and that’s evident with how they’ve been trying to tank Dead or Alive 6 in the reviews, but it isn’t that hard given the season pass and grinding controversies. And speaking of controversies, BioWare’s Anthem is now reportedly bricking PS4 consoles. The true colors of game journalists has reared its head for the umpteenth time, as journalists bullied the THQ Nordic president into giving another apology for having an AMA on 8chan and promising to never do it again. And a Mexican newspaper mistakenly believed a meme from online claiming that the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive would also come in a format known as Pokemon Gun.


IGDA Board Member Harasses Developer

This is the sort of twisting, turning, spinning story that seems like it would end up on a daytime soap opera, but alas the story of an indie dev being booted out of work, castigated and nearly deported is all true. It paints a grim picture for the IGDA and how hard it is to get in honest people without pursuing petty grudges. Stream.me has gone down after the owners were doxed and threatened. Microsoft is rumored to finally pursue that disc-less Xbox One S console they’ve been talking about, and it’s supposed to launch in May. Vic Mignogna’s lawsuit campaign has managed to surpass $100,000 in crowdfunding, giving him some ample financial leverage against his legal aggressors. Cassie Cage was revealed for Mortal Kombat 11, and they went the extra mile to not only cover her from head to toe, but also depict her as androgynous a possible. And Valve finally banned Rape Day after being pressured by media outlets and politicians.


U.K. Porn Is About To Get Raped

The U.K.’s Digital Economy Act is finally coming into fruition with the AgeID service set to go live in April. This means anyone who doesn’t have an AgeID or a voucher will not be able to access porn sites in the United Kingdom. Get those fap licenses ready. The Escapist Magazine apologized for the calumny they published against The Quartering, and he accepted their apology. BioWare has defended the missing features in Anthem, claiming that they were never dishonest about the promotion of the game. And Waypoint actually kept on the attack against THQ Nordic, saying that they refuse to forgive them for talking to real gamers during the 8chan AMA. Valve continues to ban games from Steam, this time completely wiping out Citadel Translations’ Mega Milk Story and their other unreleased games from the platform. A new PlayStation 4 Remote Play app has become available for iOS devices, allowing you to play PS4 games from the comfort of your Apple smart device. And the Daily Beast has shilled hard for Captain Marvel, calling all of those whom have decided not to see the film “incels” and angry “white” #GamerGate supporters.


Politicians Want To Ravage Steam In The Back Alley Of The Digital Marketplace

Politicians are moving in to regulate and rectum-wreck Valve like a sandy-toned cultural enrichment warrior embedding his culture deep within a poor, innocent British chick. They want stricter content control and regulations on the platform after the media tried to smear Steam with not immediately banning the game Rape Day. However, politicians only want Valve to regulate games on Steam that feature violence against women. Electronic Arts is forgoing E3 this year, and their EA Play event won’t even feature a press conference, they’re just going to have games on display. YouTube has reportedly manipulated the results of Captain Marvel in order to suppress negative videos of Brie Larson and the movie. The upcoming PS4 title, Judgment, will offer gamers two different English subtitle tracks, one for purists and one for those who like “localization”. After Valve banned Hentai Nation from Steam, a Chinese developer has stated that Steam is discriminating against certain games and developers. Arby’s has joined weeb culture. Devil May Cry 5 has been censored on the PS4 in the West; but thankfully Top Hat Studios will roll out their Hat Rack digital distribution store later into 2019 and it will fight back against all this ridiculous censorship culture by focusing on anti-censorship.


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